Why You Aren’t Getting Interviews

This first step of the hiring process can be a difficult and frustrating one. Many times a candidate will tell me they came across a perfect job, submitted a resume and cover letter and never heard from anyone. This unfortunate series of events happens to almost everyone at some point in their job search.

If you find this happening to you repeatedly it could be for a variety of reasons, some of which are listed below. Appropriate changes to your process could illicit different and more positive results.

1. You’re Not Being Realistic
You may not be as qualified as you think. Recruiters and hiring managers have specific criteria they are looking for from candidates. Just because you have held a position with the same job title does not mean you are necessarily qualified for this particular position. There are many factors considered in the selection of a candidate including length of experience as well as the size and scope of the roles you’ve held. All positions are not created equal.

2. You Have Too Limited of a Focus for Your Search
Large companies and industry leaders are great to work for. That being said, it needs to be understood that there is a tremendous amount of competition for their jobs. I am not suggesting you don’t include there types of organizations in your search, however, try not to limit yourself to only the big players. Most of the businesses in our country are small to mid-size and they have difficulty finding good candidates.

One more tip: If you have submitted your resume on-line to a company once, they have you in their system. Don’t keep applying for different jobs on the company website, and certainly don’t reapply for the same job more than once. If they are interested in you they will contact you.

3. Your Cover Letter and Resume Don’t Set You Apart
Make sure your cover letter is specific to the job you are applying for. Avoid a cookie cutter approach. Reference specific qualities and talents you have and how they fit this particular job. Let the reader know how you can benefit them.

Customize your resume to highlight your experience and your achievements which match the job you are applying for. You may need to have more than one resume. In today’s marketplace, if your resume doesn’t highlight your measurable achievements, you will get very little traction.

Lastly, proofread, proofread and then proofread again.

4. Your Approach is Unmotivated or Lazy
Follow directions to the letter. Companies are very particular about how you submit resumes and fill out applications. If you cut corners, you will dramatically reduce your chances for consideration.

5. You aren’t using the Correct Keywords
The words you use in your objective statement need to be both relevant and current. Companies and sites like Monster.Com use software that scans your resume for keywords to help determine which candidates to contact. Even hiring authorities and recruiters who review your resume will be searching for keywords relevant to the job and the candidate they seek. Make sure your resume contains the words which are pertinent to your experience and skills.

6. You haven’t used Your Network to Help You
One of the best ways to set yourself apart from other candidates is to get someone from your professional network to help you identify the correct contact within the company you wish to work for. A common contact between you and someone in the organization greatly increases your chance to be noticed. This also gives you a point of contact to follow up with after you apply. Do not overlook the importance of who you know.

The steps above should dramatically improve your chances of landing an interview – a first, but critical point in the process of landing a job.

Thanks for reading!
David Lammert

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