Why Use A Security Recruiter vs. A General Recruiter

It’s estimated that McDonald’s has sold over 300-billion hamburgers. They have a lot of satisfied customers and have emerged as a true expert in their industry by anyone’s standards. So if you need to put together a system of fast-food preparation, working with someone with executive-level McDonald’s experience would be a smart move. However, if you are looking for an expert in the highest-quality, most expensive beef in the world – Wagyu Kobe beef, which can sell for over $300 per pound – McDonald’s experience is likely not going to help much. Instead, it would be wise to contact someone with the most relevant business experience, such as the Sherry brothers, who brought this Japanese delicacy to New York City.


It’s the same when you’re in need of someone with the most relevant experience in the area of security management recruiting.

Rather than simply using a generic “headhunter” to assist you in your recruitment efforts – even if they have lots of satisfied customers in other areas of business – your interests would best be served by utilizing the professional services of a firm that actually specializes in the security management recruiting. A firm with experienced security recruiters that are continually focused on a particular talent pool is best able to identify security professionals best-qualified for key positions in:

  • Contract Security
  • Corporate Security
  • Electronic Security – Systems
  • Information Assurance/IT Security/Information Security (InfoSec)/Cybersecurity
  • Physical Security – Access Control, Intrusion Detection
  • Risk Management/Enterprise Risk Management
  • and related areas

A truly comprehensive firm will have extensive knowledge of industry-specific needs and top security recruiting experts will:

  • Maintain a global network of security industry contacts and relationships across a broad range of specialties
  • Utilize search, research and social media technology to its fullest potential
  • Offer flexible engagement options, such as retained, priority and contingency searches
  • Provide comprehensive executive and management placement, as well as interim staffing
  • Ensure that discretion, integrity and the client’s best interests remain top priorities at all times
  • and more…

If you’d like to discuss how our professional security management recruiters can provide all of the above to help fill even your most crucial executive and management positions, contact us. We may not have served billions of customers (yet), but we offer the relevant security recruiting expertise you need.

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