Why Pinnacle Placements Executive Search Firm Does Not Utilize Offshore RPO Service Providers

Why Pinnacle Placements Executive Search Firm Does Not Utilize Offshore RPO Service Providers

By David Lammert | Pinnacle Placements | March 16, 2021

Nearly every day we, at Pinnacle Placements Executive Search, receive several calls or emails from RPO (Recruitment Process Outsourcing) service firms asking if we will “let us show you what we can do”.


Recruitment Process Outsourcing is a business model where a recruitment firm, (or employer,) outsources part of a search process to a third-party business to speed up the search process among other reasons.  A recruiting firm might use an RPO service for sourcing candidates, whereas an employer might add interviewing, candidate presentation, and possibly reference checking to the list of services they’d like performed for them.  The majority of RPO firm clients are US-based businesses and most RPO vendors are in India, although some are also based in Eastern Europe.


They state that they have access to all the major job boards, (CareerBuilder, Monster, Indeed, LinkedIn Recruiter, Dice), and an internal candidate database, and that they can produce candidates that match client requirements.  Since they operate in a different time zone, far away, theoretically they can work when their client is sleeping and provide a morning email with a large volume batch of candidate resumes.


Other executive search firms may have a different take; however, at Pinnacle Placements we feel that these RPO firms totally miss the mark, especially when searching in specific industries like cybersecurity and physical security, the area where we recruit. For this type of role, our clients require specific security backgrounds and particular technical skills. When I worked at a large recruiting firm before founding Pinnacle Placements, we used RPO firms. Over time, we discovered, for the following reasons, that all the providers we tried were not able to provide us with the right profiles for our client’s needs:


  • Candidates whose profiles had not been updated in many years
  • A high percentage of candidates with a persistent record of job-hopping
  • Many lacked the industry experience, background, and skill level we sought
  • Candidates whom we already knew of or had discovered via our industry networking efforts
  • People who were geographically undesirable – In other words, they resided in a location too far from the employer to be considered a reasonable commute distance.


In a recent Zoom meeting with a new client prospect seeking a high-level security management executive this Machinery Manufacturer client prospect said, “We know that you use overseas recruitment firms to assist you in finding candidates”, at which time I pointed out, “

We do not …  based on prior experience with these firms we found they just aren’t able to deliver the level of quality we and our clients seek”.  And, I added, “We rarely list positions we are working on online, as we’ve found that posting jobs to online boards rarely results in a candidate who fits the specific profile that we are pursuing”.


There are no effective shortcuts to a successful executive search assignment.


Given the fact that we are solicited by RPO providers daily, there is an abundance of these firms which clearly indicates that other US recruitment firms are indeed engaging with them.

Is your organization seeking to recruit top-tier talent for key security management and leadership positions, such as Chief Security Officer (CSO), Chief Information Security Officer (CISO), VP or Director of Security, or another Senior level role? If so, I invite you to have a conversation with us at Pinnacle Placements Security Recruiting Firm to ensure your search includes a “thorough” process and a “success-based” strategy that will provide you not just a leader to “manage” security, but someone who will make your company’s security function a competitive advantage.



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