Why Leadership Is the Most Vital of the Four Main Functions of Security Management

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Leadership is not only an essential component of security management, it is a lost art. Leadership is also an elusive component of many individual corporate cultures. If a security management recruiting firm specializes in recruiting qualified security professionals to lead their client companies security function, the security recruiters must select the proper candidates. This blog post will analyze and interpret the demand I see in todays market for strong security management leaders.

In business academics, it is taught that effective management at every organizational level involves the utilization of four main managerial functions. These functions are planning, organizing, leading, and controlling. No matter how small or large a business organization is, there must be a management process in place that facilitates these four functions. I think these functions apply to directing the security function of an organization.

Planning is the most preliminary function of management. It is the underlying source that the three other managerial functions must be built on. Planning is important but its place on the functional hierarchy of management is the most basic. Organizing is the managerial function that involves pooling company resources and coordinating the human capital needed to implement plans. This function establishes the proper division of labor and duty delegation needed to carry out tactical and strategic objectives.

Leading is a less technical managerial function, nevertheless very critical. Leading must be performed by knowledgeable individuals who have the uncanny ability to positively influence people. Finding people who embody true leadership qualities is quite a task because the personality traits within such people are rare. Leaders are strong-willed, self-motivated, and influential individuals. Charisma is also a helpful personality trait for a person responsible for exhibiting organizational leadership.

Controlling is the final core function of management. It involves standardizing the processes implemented to conduct and analyze organizational performance. Managerial control also provides the preventative measures, which identify problem solving. These responsibilities include but are not limited to coordinating disciplinary action. All four managerial functions are a part of an ongoing organizational effort. The four functions of management are all separate and relevant to business and security. However, which of these four functions should receive the highest priority?

It could be argued that managerial leadership is the most important component of operating a security function within a business organization of any size. Below are four crucial points that make the case for prioritizing leadership as the number one function of effective security management:

  • Leadership provides the foundation for establishing a sound vision. A security leader who is a visionary does a better job at providing clarity for those dependent on the leader’s direction.
  • Good leaders motivate and inspire others to do well not only professionally but personally in life. When people make good personal choices, it translates into positive productivity on the job.
  • Leading is the managerial function that entails increasing job satisfaction. When a leader is a likable person, other members of the organization’s environment enjoy their job experience much better
  • Effective leadership establishes internal behavior, which is the center of organizational culture. An enriching culture is the end result of strong leaders at work.

Teaching effective leadership styles to security management professionals is a key skill utilized by savvy mentors, associates and colleagues. Leading is truly the cornerstone of managing a successful security department. To find out more about Pinnacle Placements ability to assist you in identifying and recruiting professionals leaders for security management positions, click here.

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