Why do you work every day?

What if our work wasn’t just a job? What if instead our work was a platform to live and share a bigger purpose? I don’t necessarily agree with the dominant perception in our society that in order to live a life of purpose we have to leave our jobs and go solve world famine, clothe the poor, move to foreign lands or start a charity foundation.

While these are all noble causes I support (and many are called to do these very things), for many of us our bigger purpose can be found in the here and now, in the jobs we have, right under our noses. When we find this purpose it will provide the ability to live a more meaningful life.

You may not build schools around the globe but you can find the bigger purpose in reading to your children. You may not feed the homeless every day but you can nourish your employees and customers with a smile, kind words and everyday actions that demonstrate you care about them beyond your 8 to 5 interactions. And while you may not start your own non-profit organization you can begin a charity initiative at work. You can make a difference every day and touch the lives of others you meet and some you will never meet.

While coworkers and customers may not be starving because of a lack of food, you can provide them with a different kind of nourishment, one that will feed their souls and feed your own in the process.

I am certain the members of Navy SEAL Team Six feel like they helped make the world a safer place by eliminating Osama bin Laden.

I met a school teacher who makes it his purpose to help kids stay away from gangs.

I know a corporate security director who believes it is his role to keep his firms employees safe and secure each and every day.

I talked with a man in banking who sees his career as a way to help create jobs for others by lending to businesses.

I know a Starbucks employee named Carol in San Francisco who greets hundreds of sleepy, grumpy people with a smile each day. The list goes on…

These are ordinary people living their lives at work with an extra-ordinary purpose.

In any job our purpose waits for us to find it and live it.

I don’t know what your purpose should be but I can tell you that every one of us can find a bigger purpose in the job we have.

I can tell you that every job, no matter how exciting and busy it may seem, will get boring if we let it.

Don’t wait until you go to Haiti to start living with a mission. Don’t wait until the weekend to feed people who are hungry. Bring your mission to work, start working for a bigger purpose and nourish others in the process.

You will find it energizing and fulfilling on many levels…it might even save your current job.

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