Why Connecting on LinkedIn is Still a Must for Jobseekers


Why LinkedIn is still great

According to Allison Cheston, the single biggest reason why it is still a good idea for jobseekers to invest time in LinkedIn is that it is still pretty much the only social networking site solely dedicated to the professional community. While sites like Facebook have since expanded to provide support for jobseekers and employers within their population, the sheer number of non-work related profiles drown these, making it hard for each to reach the other. With LinkedIn, it is a lot easier, since all there are to see are other professionals.

Another major plus for LinkedIn users is that the site is a lot stricter when it comes to creating profiles. For instance, user-provided credentials are routinely checked for authenticity. With that, both job seekers and employers can be assured that the profiles they are looking at are mostly genuine.

How to make it big in LinkedIn

Of course, effectively connecting on LinkedIn to reach potential employers, peers and to network is no quick task. Here, your profile is going to be a crucial piece to get noticed by employers. Treat it much like your resume and provide key details related to your career history. And since this is a social networking site, you have the benefit of multimedia, so make the most out of it and create a unique portfolio of your works to attract attention to your blog or other social media presence.

And in order for your profile to be more visible, use the right keywords in key places. Think about the terms that are most commonly used in your field; from there, you will be able draw out the best keywords to use. Examples include: CSO, CISO, InfoSec, IT security, corporate security, Cybersecurity and security management. Of course, as Louise Fletcher reminds, you shouldn’t simply drown your profile with those keywords. To really engage the employers and security recruiters who take a look at your profile, it should speak in much the same way you do in person. Luckily, this is where LinkedIn offers a lot more flexibility, so you can be more personal in the way you phrase the contents of your profile. Another way to demonstrate your subject matter expertise, grow your network and develop professionally is to join groups (you are allowed to join up to 50) and actively contribute in discussions.

Expand your reach

However, don’t stop with just creating your profile. Since this is still a social network, you need to reach out to more people. As Mark Crawford says

“There’s a reason LinkedIn stresses building connections—it is a great way to network and create connections within your industry. “

And even if LinkedIn is supposed to be a professional network, you can go beyond that and interact with your connections in a more casual manner. By connecting on LinkedIn in this manner, you strengthen your current network and increase your likelihood of success in learning about new career opportunities along the way.

Expand your network by one and Connect with me on LinkedIn today. I look forward to hearing from you!

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