Which Career Path in Security is Right For You?

Today, there are more career paths within the security industry then ever before and they can be lucrative and rewarding at that. Most people think of security as the late night guard on a construction site, or the armed guard in the local bank down the street. True, these positions are called for in the industry and the most visible, however, there are a lot more than most people imagine. There are positions for network analysts, technologically based, physical security, to name a few. However, the type of security career you want to enter into may be more like risk management or investigation and loss prevention.

Regardless, of the focus of your career goal along these lines, there are companies that are willing to work with you in finding the correct fit for your needs. The backgrounds they generally look for are military and people with some type of federal law enforcement experience. Moreover, those who possess technical degrees, certifications and network security experience are highly sought after as well. This is because of the information transfer over digital networks. Large corporations are looking for individuals that can operate their systems and maintain the higher levels of security they seek. Security systems comprise of closed circuit television systems, card access points, facial recognition software, retinal recognition devices, and even hand print recognition for tracking employee time i.e. how they punch in and out of work.

The possibilities are many and rewarding as stated above. Eventually you may even wish to move into the Homeland Security field. Either way the career field is open for information/cyber and IT security management, corporate security, contract security, and electronic security and access control management. These fields are seeking new business management career minded individuals that want to be part of something big while keeping an eye on the safety of their communities at any level.

If you considering a career in security be sure to consider all options available before determining which direction is right for you.

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