What to Look For Beyond the Resume When Hiring Security Professionals

When it’s time to recruit a , do you reach for the company job description and give it a read?

A typical job description outlines the skills and experience required for the role. That makes it pretty easy to sort through resumes and match anyone’s credentials. However, what’s difficult to pinpoint are the characteristics and intangible qualities that make up a stellar candidate for the particular security expertise needed.

It’s takes more than an advanced degree and years of experience on a piece of paper to prove someone is good at their job. It requires an ability to demonstrate the value they bring. And, more importantly, their ability to communicate that value.

Though the security profession has a “varied landscape” and doesn’t fit a single “mold,” a 2011 from the Security Executive Council suggests there are nine practices of successful security leadership. These include:

  • Creating an internal awareness program for the security department
  • Ensuring senior management knows what security is and does
  • Implementing walk-the-talk methodology by regularly talking to senior business leaders
  • Speaking about “risk,” not just “security”
  • Understanding and adapting to the corporate culture
  • Gaining respect by refusing to exploit fear and uncertainty
  • Aligning security goals with company goals
  • Winning top-level support
  • Portraying security as a bridging facilitator across all functions

Ultimately, however, my experience shows that successful security leadership revolves around communication and receptiveness as well as how other business leaders, management, and employees perceive security.

Therefore, security professionals and hiring managers alike need to focus on these four qualities when it comes to identifying, recruiting and hiring the top :

  • Understanding of security’s impact on the organization
  • Solid business acumen as it relates to business operations
  • Team, organizational, and industry leadership skills
  • Commitment to continuous professional development

When creating the best team of security professionals, look beyond the resume. Search for candidates who walk the talk. We can help. Pinnacle Placements is a premier, full-service executive search firm that specializes in security management recruiting.

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