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Since all expenses need to be justified like never before, the thought of using and paying for recruitment services might seem out of reach. However, when you begin to analyze the time it takes to source, advertise, screen, conduct preliminary interviews, perform background checks, and all the other tasks that go into selecting the right candidate for your opening, you can see that it is a justified expense.

What can you expect from us during the process? The following blog highlights some of our basic commitments to our clientele and explains why we consistently incur repeat business from our much appreciated clientele.

We look forward to hearing from you!

David Lammert

* Pinnacle Placements represents all of our clients confidentially. This means we do NOT tell our candidates the name of the hiring organization until you agree that you are interested in interviewing them.

* We will conduct an extensive interview on each candidate we present to you. Along with their resume, you will receive a written candidate summary of their experience and why we feel that they are a fit for your position and organization.

* Following an interview by one of our candidates with someone from your organization, we will provide you feedback from the candidate within 24 hours.

* We agree to conduct approximately 3 reference checks on each candidate we present to you.

* Pinnacle Placements is always looking for talented candidates for our client searches. Even so, we never recruit a candidate we have placed from one of our clients (without written client approval).

* Pinnacle Placements never recruits or solicits employees from any of our current clients.

* We stay in touch with the candidates we place throughout their career with your organization. We are happy to provide you updates on their overall happiness if you wish for us to do so.

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