What Drives Job Satisfaction Among Security Pros? Survey Says….

The amount of pressure that security management professionals face these days from regulatory rules such as HIPAA and SOX to IT security concerns and physical security threats, requires them to rise to the challenge, and according to one recent survey, at least one-third welcome it.

Of the 220 survey participants in the governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) and IT security field, 36% said they were satisfied with their job because it is intellectually satisfying. But what about the other nearly two-thirds of security professionals?

To maintain job satisfaction among GRC professionals, it is important to focus on career ambitions. Specifically, 32% reported they wanted to advance in their current organization. In fact, according to a 2012 Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) survey the top job satisfaction driver across all job types is the opportunity to use skills and abilities (63%), dropping job security (61%) to second place for the first time since 2007.

In todays world it seems that professional development is as important as salary. This data backs up what I have been hearing from job candidates for the past few years.  In a field such as security where the number of regulations has increased significantly from just a few years ago, it’s especially important. Companies need security professionals (especially IT security) with current skills and training in order to stay ahead of security breaches, hackers, identity thieves, snooping employees, and other external security threats.

The salaries reported in the survey seem to reflect this growing need for experts and the increased expectations that goes along with the job. Again, these results mirror what I see and hear from security management professionals and employers alike.  The bulk of respondents reported their salaries at the high five-figure level or above:

  • $90,000 to $100,000 (24%)
  • $70,000 to $89,000 (20%)
  • $110,000 to $129,000 (18%)

In addition, many security professionals received a raise last year (34%) or a raise and a bonus (38%). And as long as the demand for security professionals is high, employers will continue to pay to keep well-qualified individuals from leaving.

Ultimately, security executives with the determination and motivation to learn, grow, and succeed will find opportunities to shine in 2013. And we can help you find those opportunities.

Pinnacle Placements is a premier, full-service executive search firm specializing in meeting the unique management needs of the security profession. When you’re looking for your next security position or to hire a security management professional, we can help you. Contact us today.

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