Using Twitter to Find Your Next Security Job

During these tough economic times, you need to be more innovative in how you approach the task of finding a new job or making a career move.  You can rely on friends, job boards, your professional network or LinkedIn.  However, if you use all the tools available to today’s job seeker you dramatically increase your odds of finding the right job and finding it quicker than if you rely on one or two sources.

I’d like to suggest adding a tool to your belt that you might not have considered; Twitter is a unique tool that provides another web platform for your job search and research, branding and networking needs.

Twitter Job Search Guide
Although Twitter is not a regular job board; it is one of the best tools for promoting yourself and connecting with the right people in your field of interest.  You can use Twitter to find a job by connecting to security industry leaders in a variety of niches – you actually have the ability to reach (follow and be followed) many professionals in security.

Not only are individuals part of Twitter but also companies, security executives, security industry recruiters, job search engines, resume experts and other professional development and leadership gurus are as well.

Try my suggestions for using Twitter as a career search resource:

1. Create a Professional Presence
Start by making your Twitter presence friendly to others.

  • Your Twitter bio is a max of 160 characters. Share your elevator pitch here.
  • Use a professional photo or avatar
  • Tweet on your job searching

2. Use Your Twitter Background to Your Advantage

  • Customize this space to promoting your unique expertise and skills.
  • Use Twitters free background template if you are able to customize your own.

3. Display Your Brand! Share Your Unique Expertise
Use Twitter to establish yourself as being an expert in your niche within the security industry.  You should never misrepresent yourself, but you should always feel free to shed light on your value.  In other words, don’t say you are a VP of Security on Twitter if you are not, but do say you have skill and experience leading a global security organization at a Fortune 1000 company (rather than “I am a security manager”).  As people on Twitter become more interested in what content you have posted, and when security industry colleagues engage you and seek you out, your Twitter account can be a backup to your resume and experience.  It builds your credibility with hiring managers and security headhunters.

4. It is About Who you Know

You have heard it countless times, and it is still true today – when you are job hunting, it is often about who you know.  You can get to know the right people through Twitter. It is also somewhat easier to engage on Twitter than through LinkedIn, though, I recommend using both resources to develop your network.

Some people will be looking for you. As an executive recruiter focused solely on the security industry, I often turn to Twitter to identify potential candidates or find those who might know of a qualified candidate. You should also use Twitter to check out executive search firms specializing in security recruiting. Read their bio, examine the content of their tweets to see if they offer value to your interests and click their website link to find out more about the firm.

5. Follow Hashtags # On Twitter in Your Area of Interests
When following Hashtags of your interests such as:  “specialty areas within security, professional development topics, personal topics of interest, specific job postings, industry trends” you may get informed in real time about any new posted job career positions you have interested in.

Make these hashtags # search part of your twitter activities.

6. Twitter Job Search Engines
Check out these job search tools on twitter,

These are excellent Twitter born tools that help bring job recruiters and candidates together.
Just follow the hashtag #Tweetmyjobs and drop by their site. It’s a simple tool that’s easy for the job seeker to use, best of all it is free to use. You can subscribe to any job channels that may interest you. Even have new job openings sent to you automatically via text message. You can filter the cities you would like to be notified about in order to get only relevant texts sent your way.

By the way…I invite you to follow me on Twitter @recruiter4u.

Thanks, David Lammert

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