Using Social Media Effectively In Your Job Search

Whether you are seeking a new security role or working on building a career, it’s important to integrate social networking into your job search. Some of you might ask why I need to spend time on social networking other than purely to pursue social activities. Because employers and security headhunters are actively using social networking sites to recruit candidates for employment and they are also reviewing social media sites to check out applicants.

In fact, recent surveys show that almost 90% of companies are currently recruiting through social media and social media recruiting by employers and recruiters is only going to increase.

Be Social In Your Job Search
If you don’t have a social media presence, you’ll be at a distinct disadvantage in this competitive job market. A strong social presence can boost your candidacy and help ensure you will be found by security recruiters and hiring managers.

Conducting a job search using social media, in addition to traditional job searching using job search engines and job boards, and keeping your networking site profiles up-to-date will ensure that it’s quick and easy for you to apply for jobs online and will promote your candidacy – and your expertise – to prospective employers.

Apply Directly
In addition, employers are increasingly accepting applications direction from networking sites. For example, you can apply for jobs on many company websites with your LinkedIn profile. Monster’s Facebook App, BeKnown, enables job seekers to apply for jobs via Facebook using their BeKnown profile which is used as a resume.

Getting Started
If you haven’t used social networking sites for anything other than connecting with your friends and family on Facebook, don’t worry and don’t try to create your social media presence all at once. Instead, do it one site at a time and take it a step at a time.

LinkedIn is the best site to start with because it’s “the” go to site for professional networking.
You can then use your LinkedIn profile to build professional profiles on other sites. For example, copy the relevant information from your LinkedIn profile into your BeKnown profile.

One Step at a Time
As I mentioned, start with LinkedIn. Consider using BeKnown to create a professional profile on Facebook because it’s totally separate from your personal Facebook. Then decide whether it’s a good use of your time to use Twitter, Google+ and some of the other apps and networking sites for job searching.

Check out Google+. I think it is going to grow rapidly in popularity and practical application.
How much social networking you do depends on the time you have, the jobs you are interested in, and your career path in the security industry. Remember, you don’t have to do everything just because it’s there. The best plan is to balance your time so you’re covering all the job search bases effectively.

Make Yourself Easy To Be Found 
Given the instantaneous communications available online today, it’s important to stay connected and to respond in a timely manner (within 24 hours, if possible) to inquiries and messages.

To be sure you are notified:

• Include your email address, phone number, and LinkedIn profile in your email signature and on your resume.
• Cross link your social networking profiles. For example, link your Twitter profile from your LinkedIn profile.
• Set your profiles so you’re notified by email of new messages.
• Check your email frequently.
• Check your social networking sites regularly.
• Respond as soon as possible to inquiries from hiring managers and recruiters.
• If you have a smartphone, use it to manage your email and networking sites, so you don’t have to get to your computer to check your mail.

I invite you to connect with me on LinkedIn and Twitter.

Thank you,
David Lammert

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