Upgrade Your Security Team Before It’s Too Late!

During the ASIS Conference in Orlando this past October, I met with a CSO who was contemplating upgrading some key members of his staff. We talked about what he had in mind and I shared some options that I thought would help him as he deliberated about his options. One of the things I mentioned was that the recession provided a unique time in history to upgrade his staff.

We talked again the following week and I asked if he had selected the two key roles to upgrade and was he ready to begin the search process?  He said he was ready and we recently completed the entire process and his new team members are in place and several key projects have been launched. His entire team is reinvigorated and everyone has a new sense of direction. Now he has highly qualified staff members to help achieve their corporate vision and goals.

Initially when we talked in Orlando he had reservations about making staff changes.  At the time I asked him, “What’s holding you back?”  During our consultation he shared some of the items that were preventing him from making the moves he knew he needed to make to upgrade his teams talent.

Here are some of the “reservations” I have heard from him and other Security Managers when they consider upgrading the staff around them:

  • This person has been with me a long time and is loyal
  • I’m afraid of making the same mistake again
  • The person is okay – they do some things well enough to get by
  • I feel embarrassed that the hire didn’t work out – I’m hoping it turns around
  • I have been hoping this person will eventually get better
  • I am not sure I have time or budget to spend on hiring someone new
  • Maybe I can live with this person – I could shift some of their job responsibilities to others
  • What if I screw up the hire – that wouldn’t look good to my boss

Can You Say: Dysfunctional?

ONE of the top traits of successful managers and executives is the ability to hire and surround themselves with an outstanding team of people. Are you a great manager/executive or an average one?

  • Do you have an exceptional team in place right now?
  • Are you tolerating average or mediocre performance?
  • Are you or others on your staff doing part of the work someone else on your team should be doing?

Do you have some people on your team that are good at doing 70-or-80% of their job, but stink at the other 20–30% of their job? Who does the portion of work your subordinate cannot do? You guessed it – you do. If other staff members are doing the work of someone else they will question your leadership ability and will likely resent you for not addressing the situation.  Before you know it, 50% of your workload is doing the work your team should be doing. You’re doing 8% of Bill’s job, 10% of Susan’s job, and 20% of Mike’s job. Now you can’t do your job because so much time is being consumed by doing the work of your team.

Why are you continuing to accept this less than stellar performance?

Take action now and upgrade a few key roles that are below your expectations and causing productivity issues. Emerge from the recession with a team that truly delivers a strategic advantage.

Recognize that right now is a unique and historical time for hiring. There are some exceptionally talented individuals who might want to consider your opportunity. As the job market recovers, you may never again be able to acquire and/or afford this talent.

What’s your action plan to upgrade your talent?

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