Up-skill Your Way to New Job Opportunities in Security!

Abraham Lincoln once said, “I don’t think much of a man who is not wiser today than he was yesterday”.  It’s hard for me to imagine not learning something new each day. In fact, many people I talk to feel overwhelmed by the amount of new information we must process and incorporate into our routines each day. Every day we learn ways to make daily life and its tasks simpler and easier, so why not transfer this to your professional life?

We are in an ever changing world which makes competition for jobs white hot and security practitioners often ask me for advice on what can they do to stay relevant in their particular security expertise.  They also want to know how they can get that next job or step up the career ladder in the security industry. The answer is an easy one – up-skilling. It provides you all the fire-power you need for both professional and personal development; up-skilling is also a great way to increase your own motivation and will result in new doors opening for professional development.  Up-skilling even allows for flexibility within your working environment.

When up-skilling you need think objectively and decide what exactly you are aiming to achieve.  Make sure that you are timely and relevant with your decisions.

Key signals it’s time to up-skill;

  • Your role in the security industry is not providing you enough challenge or is leaving you feeling stale
  • You are feeling left behind in the market place
  • You haven’t had a salary increase in the last year
  • You weren’t satisfied with your last salary increase
  • You have changed job function

Be sure not to sell yourself short, up-skill soon and start on your journey to greater personal development and self-fulfillment, which will allow you to be competitive in today’s job market.

Remember up-skilling and career development is not only about moving forward but it can also involve lateral progressions, so be ready to embrace all opportunity; large, small, obvious and not so obvious.

Get started today!

David Lammert

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