Top 6 Reasons to Partner with Pinnacle Placements Security Recruiting Firm

Top 6 Reasons to Partner with Pinnacle Placements Security Recruiting Firm

Like everyone else during the COVID-19 pandemic, I have had some time to reconnect with current and past clients and candidates.

With a busy recruiting practice comprising of 17 years of recruiting exclusively in the security management industry, you don’t always have the time to stay as connected to everyone as you’d like. In my conversations, clients and candidates have shared a variety of reasons why they enjoy working with our security recruiting firm.

Here are the themes that really stood out that I thought I’d share with you:


1.) Ethics and Integrity – From the outset we have prioritized making certain that every client and candidate is treated with respect. We take great pride in operating with integrity in all our interactions with you. When you make a habit of doing the right thing, it becomes the easy thing to do.

2.) Relationships – Recruiting is relationship building. However you phrase it, our clients and candidates are why we exist. Everything we do is to help our clients find top-level talent and our candidates realize their career goals. In today’s busy environment, the challenge isn’t about getting the highest possible quantity of applicants by indiscriminately blasting the world with our career opportunities. It’s about connecting with the right talent and employers, about understanding what motivates each, about building dialogue and mutual trust over time. We care about relationship building and making a sincere connection with clients and candidates. At the same time, behind the scenes, we’re backing it up with technology, research, and tools.

  1. Confidentiality – Gaining and maintaining your trust is imperative to us. All conversations are treated as confidential. To find the best fit, transparency and honesty are essential. Unlike some of our competitors, we do not outsource any of our research or portions of the sourcing or recruiting of candidates.
  2. Experience – With more than 17 years of service as a search firm, you’d be hard-pressed to identify search scenarios we haven’t encountered. As experienced security recruiting professionals, you benefit from the lessons we’ve learned over the years. It’s not easy to find a perfect candidate for an important position, and unique jobs don’t grow on trees. Experience is a great teacher, and we have a lot to share.
  3. Reputation – We tell you the real story, even if it may not be what you want to hear. We build relationships based on trust and respect. At Pinnacle, every client is important, and each search engagement is unique. We are known for working closely with clients to understand their goals and objectives, challenge their thinking, offering solutions that ensure the right leaders are identified to achieve success.
  4. Collaboration Towards A Successful Outcome – Pinnacle Placements understands that you’re not simply looking to fill a vacancy with an executive search firm, but rather, you’re looking for an individual who can help take your company’s security function to a higher level with their expertise. You’re ultimately looking to solve a business problem with an extraordinary hire. We come alongside you, collaborate to figure out what that looks like, and then we go find that unique professional for you. We don’t make you fit our process; rather we bring the process to your needs.



We’re a top security recruiting firm headquartered in the greater San Francisco Bay area. We provide quality recruiting services in all security specialty areas across the United States. Look to us for the best security professionals. Representing security industry managers and leaders in a respected and sincere way, our firm identifies the most qualified candidates for each unique situation.

If you’re a top-tier professional in Corporate Security, Security Management & Leadership, Information Security, Cyber Security, or Security Sales professional; contact us. We recruit the best professionals for the best jobs. We will keep your search completely confidential and respect the need to be discrete. We realize the ideal fit for your next career move requires a comprehensive understanding of your wants, needs, and aspirations.

We believe our clients and candidates deserve a first-class experience. Please connect if you’re searching for a qualified security professional or open to hearing about new career opportunities.


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