Top 10 Traits of Sales Professionals in Security Services and Products



Top 10 Traits of Best Sales Pros Selling Security Services and Products

  • Embrace Prospecting & Closing: This involves a love of the total sales process; from garnering leads to closing the deal. Lead generation sometimes involves researching customer analytics, leveraging satisfied clients, and perfecting your pitch. If you believe in the product you are selling, your customers will trust your intuitions on how the product or service will help them. If you exude the company brand and culture, potential clients are more likely to put their faith in your sales process. However, it all starts with an unwavering willingness to make prospecting calls.
  • The Ability to Multi-Task: This is an absolute must for the security sales professional. Handling clients, staying up to date on security products and service trends, and working with your operations team can increase your sale efficacy. In addition, be able to handle the complete sales process from start to finish; a true sales professional wears many hats and must know how to perfect the skills needed to be successful at each.
  • Have a Variety of Soft Skills: Building trust is the key to getting – and keeping – your clients. Show empathy toward your client’s situation; build a rapport before pushing your pitch, show that your product and company have solid value. You must work hard to improve and refine you oral and written communication skills. Excellent communications skills will carry you far. A soft selling approach revolves around the idea that one must “start small and grow.” Grow your customer relationships and they will always come to you for their security product or service needs.
  • Build A Healthy Ego: Being confident about your experience is not a sin. A healthy amount of confidence can help you build a strong presence with potential clients. When you are confident, customers are more apt to listen to what you have to say. Having too much confidence; however, can cause customers to turn away. Balance is key.
  • Core Ethics & Integrity: Customers want to believe you; by showing them you have strong ethics and integrity, they will listen more intently to what you have to say. Being of strong, good character, you can cultivate a winning relationship with customers that not only trust you, but have respect for you. The same apples to your internal partners.
  • Resilience: Many times during the course of our careers we become discouraged. Though you may have had a few bad experiences, never give up. Believe in yourself and your expertise; this will show to potential clients and they will believe in you and your product. Remember not to take the “no’s” personally.
  • Internal Drive: The fire within can help you continue on when you may feel like giving up. Internal drive is what keeps us in check, on our toes, and prepared to handle anything that may be thrown at us. Use your drive to persevere no matter the situation. Drive is something potential clients respect and admire in a sales person.
  • Details, Details, Details: The devil, they say, lies therein. Being detail oriented could mean the difference between a closed deal and a lost lead. Show the client that you care about their satisfaction with the product or service. Sometimes it is the little things that make all the difference.
  • Preparedness: Be prepared for anything. Some clients can be harder to read than others, be patient; use your soft skills approach to gain heir trust. The deal will sometimes progress differently than you expected, so be sure to consider all possibilities and adapt your strategy as needed.
  • Good Problem Solving Skills: Adapt and overcome; this rings true in all professions. Having well honed problem solving skills can help you turn a possibly bad sales experience into a good one. When you are a problem solver you are seen as a consultant by your potential customer and not just someone selling security products and services.

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