To Get Your Next Job interview, Craft a “Value-Added” Cover Letter.

Career management guru and author Barbara Safani has written plenty about how to craft dynamic résumés. Her book Happy About My Résumé also has some unique and valuable advice on writing the cover letter for your résumé, which can help put yours into the job interview pile for that coveted executive security job.

Stefani’s tips for creating that cover letter include:

  • Address the letter to the hiring authority by name. You may have  do some digging, by surfing the company’s website for example, but  adding the personal touch quickly establishes the rapport you’re looking  to create.
  • Keep your cover letter to one page. Stefani suggests  short paragraphs and bulleted lists to maintain the reader’s attention.
  • Specifically reference the position you are applying for. Mention the title of the job and any job number information somewhere in the body of  your letter. Remember that the hirers often specifically ask for this  information, so leaving it out could jeopardize your getting the  interview.
  • Use a subject line that grabs attention. When  e-mailing a résumé, Stefani advises, you are more likely to grab the  hirer’s attention with a “memorable subject line” such as “Don Walker Award Recipient for Enterprise Security Executive Leadership.”
  • Open your  cover letter with a statement that is compelling. Instead of starting  off with a reference to the position, say something that aligns you with  the hiring organization. An example would be to discuss an  industry-wide problem and show how you are part of a solution.

Example:  ”For the past 12 months we in the security field have become  increasingly alarmed over the growing sophistication of corporate security threats. Those threats, unfortunately, are even greater with the increased technological sophistication among international criminal elements. My 20 years’ experience in corporate security  have…”

  • Minimize the use of the word  “I.” Stefani suggests varying your sentences to keep the reader engaged  and the writing style fluid. Go for a conversational tone that continually seeks to  establish a connection with the reader.
  • Mention how well your qualifications actually match  the job  requirements. Stefani suggests that the cover letter address  each job  requirement point by point. Here is where you insert your  “value added”  information: Highlight your past contributions and  accomplishments. Do  a good job on this and you’re more likely to get the  interview.
  • Ask for the interview. This  seems obvious, but it is surprising how many job applicants leave that  out. You’ll need to “create a strong call to action” with a sincere  expression of interest in the company and a request for a face-to-face  interview.
  • Don’t forget to sign your name. Some applicants  actually forget this important detail.  You’ll need to include your  handwritten signature if you’re mailing your cover letter and résumé. If  by e-mail, include an electronic signature.

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