Tips to Refresh Your Professional Image in 2021

Refresh Your Professional Image for 2021

David Lammert – Pinnacle Placements, November 30, 2020


With all the disruptions we have been through in 2020 associated with COVID-19 many of us are just trying to get the year behind us and hope the new year has better things in store. To get the most out of what 2021 has for you now is a perfect time to proactively give your professional image a makeover. For some, this might just mean a few quick edits and a filter? Our professional image no longer lives specifically on our resume but can be viewed by thousands of people easily online. In addition, many have social media profiles that recruiters and employers are likely to review. Regardless of your end goals, it is particularly important for you to constantly be updating and refreshing your professional image to continue putting forth the image and personal branding message you want to reflect.


It All Starts with Your Resume

Even in this digital age, your resume is most likely the first thing a company sees when they consider you for a position in their organization. Does your resume speak to the reader and create curiosity in them to learn more? Are you telling a story with your bullet points? Or does it read like a job description? Does your experience match the work you are trying to get? Is all your contact information up to date? Do you have a powerful cover letter or professional bio to include? A key takeaway for refreshing your resume is to do research on your dream role and figure out how you can align your resume to meet that job’s objectives and needs.


Create a Portfolio to Highlight Your Expertise

As part of your career history, you may have developed expertise in a particular segment of your security background. Perhaps you published articles or professional papers, have specialized technical and system knowledge, or have made innovative contributions to the security profession in a unique way. A portfolio separate from your resume is an excellent way to demonstrate your skills and accomplishments that will allow employers to also see your personality and have a comprehensive understanding of the hard and soft skills that you can offer. If you have testimonials from past clients or direct supervisors, they are enormously powerful in building your credibility and give valuable insights to your potential employer. Just be sure you have permission before posting online! Finally, be sure you include past work experience and samples, whether that is writing samples, designs, photos of artwork, app layout maps, or branding guidelines.


Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile

Your LinkedIn profile is a critical element of how you are perceived professionally online, by others.  This begins with your profile photo. Make sure it is representative of you today and not from your past. Your LinkedIn profile does not have to be a replica of your resume; however, dates and titles need to match.  Next, make sure your current role is correct, and all past roles accurately communicate your experience, achievements, and skills. Your LinkedIn profile is a great way to expand upon your resume, as you do not have to fit it all into one page! Also, be sure you have a headline that reflects a message you want to share with others. Remember, LinkedIn is a professional network, and recruiters and hiring managers use it as a professional search engine. You never know who might be reviewing your profile.


A professional image refresh may be exactly what you need to get the career attention you require to help build your professional image in the coming year. If you are considering a new opportunity to further your career in security, forward your resume to us at Pinnacle Placements today.


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