Thrive Amid Change in the Security Management Field!

The “great recession” changed everything in our world and few places are a better example than the workplace. The impact has been deep and long-lasting. Add to that the impact of the social media frenzy and the pressure for productivity at all levels of every organization and the pace of change today seems unrelenting.

The unflappable security management professionals out there have been asking me with great frequency “how do I adapt and keep my career on track with the relentless change in the workplace environment”?

The first step is a commitment to become as relevant and current as possible in your security niche. Don’t allow complacency to take root! Upgrade your knowledge, base and skill-set, take evening or online classes, get an ASIS, (ISC)2 or related security certification, consider career coaching, stay informed about your companies particular industry, market, state, country, world. Some great resources for all of this are:,,, and

Next, identify your personal brand. This is what uniquely identifies you as well as the mix of work skills, personal characteristics and intangibles that you offer.  All your work experience along with your own personality goes into your unique personal brand. Perhaps your strengths are around security strategy, policy and procedures or maybe you excel at the more technical aspects of systems integration. You may be skilled in multiple areas. The important point is that your blend of skills, experience and talent are unique to only you. Finding your motivational keys, passions, your skills and rethinking how you can adapt and apply all of it so you eagerly jump from bed every morning (okay, most mornings) is where you will find your professional and personal happiness waiting for you.

Then, share your gifts by self-promotion and networking both online and in person with security industry colleagues. Find the social platform that is the most enjoyable for you, matches your style and is the most practical for advancing your career goals. Learn the rules of engagement, promote others and add value to your audience. LinkedIn and Twitter provide enormous potential for connecting with others. Writing your own blog, while a major time commitment, is an excellent way to display your expertise on a subject manner and at the same time will allow others to see some of your unique qualities. Facebook and YouTube are excellent arenas to express your persona and get more personal with your audience – these sources also bring more risk, so be careful to maintain your professionalism. Meeting people online is a natural transition to a phone call or in person meeting where that connection can be taken to another level.

Also, be sure to build and maintain your perseverance and resilience. The past few years have been a struggle and the future promises more change and uncertainty. These are more than challenging times for everyone. Set goals for yourself, review and revise them regularly, stay focused on your daily and weekly plan, build positive habits, have accountability partners (career coach, mentor, and friends) and establish a support system. Stay in the pro-active mode. When you believe you can succeed you will.

Lastly, keep refining and stay true to your career success process. Security management professionals know the value of process and procedures when it comes to protecting people, assets and information – the same holds true for your career. The constant change around us requires having systems, processes and habits in place that need to be reviewed, refined and tweaked on a routine basis. Self-evaluation and action is a potent formula to combat being caught by surprise!

Change does not have to be feared…it represents opportunity…a chance to challenge ourselves, grow and expand.

Follow these steps and develop your plan today to embrace change in your career world.

Carpe Diem!

David Lammert

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