The Most Sought After Traits In Today’s Leading Security Professional


Today’s top security management professional is constantly changing and adapting to deal with new threats and challenges. When deciding what type of candidate meets the criteria for your firm, it is important to look for specific personal traits and carefully examine each individual’s area of subject matter expertise. Pinnacle Placement’s security search consultants have over 10 years experience in partnering with business owners, security executives and hiring managers to identify and attract quality security professionals to fill critical roles. While skills and experience are the driving factors in selecting a candidates, these traits are most commonly mentioned when trying to single out the person employers are seeking to hire.

Ideal Traits of  Todays Leading Security Professional

  • Proven Track Record: The security professional must have a proven track record in developing, implementing and leading comprehensive security programs.
  • Business Value Articulation: The security professional must have an adept ability to value a business and its assets. He or she must also be able to communicate business value and security resource allocation to owners, the board, senior management personnel, and the security team they lead.
  • A Clear Understanding of the Business: The security professional must understand the ins-and-outs of the firm, have a clear understanding of how it mission and goals, and a keen knowledge of it’s security program and networks within the organization.
  • Ability to Build Strong Relationships: A variety of soft skills are needed. Among them, superb communication skills are a must. The team leader must build trust with his or her team members. The professional must be able to effectively communicate with key stakeholders in the business as well as with physical and information security associates. In an effort to protect the firm, each security system must work together as one entity.
  • The Ability to Adapt and Overcome: As new threats arise, the security professional must adapt easily to any situation in an effort to overcome minor as well as dire risk situations. By consistently accumulating knowledge concerning threats, he or she should be able to build solid risk avoidance strategies.

Create a professional development plan that will help you address any of these areas where you need improvement. If your organization needs assistance in identifying top-notch security management, please contact us.

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