The Importance of Being a Business Oriented Security Professional

Today I want to discuss l. The higher the role is on the security food-chain, the more employers tell me they want to see candidates that are savvy about business, in addition to being an expert in their niche within in security.  More so than any time in the past, our society is undergoing rapid economic, business and technological change; new devices/systems/process spring up so fast we barely have time to utilize them before another is on the horizon.  It would be easy for a security professional to get caught up in this endless cycle of hopping from new trend to new trend in security.  While keeping up to date with the industry is certainly important, it may not be what your next employer is looking for.  There will always be technology specialists, those on the front edge of what’s new, but you may be better served by focusing on the bigger picture.

The most attractive candidate is the one who can protect the entirety of a company, they won’t just specialize in information assurance, IT security or physical security.  Recruiters in security management are looking for those that treat a company as their own.  Someone who internalizes business goals and vision, and seeks to protect those as they would passwords, networks, people and assets, will end up in security leadership positions.  One must show they are able to liaise with executive management, department heads,  human resources, and customers.  Remember, the weak link in security is often the human element.  All the information security knowledge and latest systems available do you no good if you and your security teams people skills aren’t up to par.

Above all, a security professional must be a seen as a resource within a company. As part of your role you may even have to educate management about the resources that security can provide to the organization.  Successful careers are built on solving problems; so learn what common security problems are within individual departments and have contingencies ready to go before something happens.  Human Resources should know to advise you when delicate employee confrontations may arise, management should value your opinion on how well the company is meeting its goals and what risks are elevated as a result of certain policies. You must be able to influence decision makers within the organization…even people many levels above you. Make compelling presentations on needed systems, more staff or company policy and programs. Be viewed as a leader in your organization. Be the default person that others seek out.

Today’s security needs and the professionals who implement them are becoming a central part of the workplace, protecting all aspects and interests of the companies that employ them.  The opportunity to show a broad range of skills in the workplace has never been greater, and those able to meet the challenge will be poised for successful careers.  Whether you’re on the right track, or need help getting there, contact on or and let us help you find the position or security professional you’ve been looking for.

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