The Impact of Keeping a Bad Hire on Your Team

In a previous blog, “What to Do When You Realize You Made a Bad Hiring Decision,” I suggested that no company is immune from making the occasional hiring mistake. When this happens, “you should cut your losses as soon as you realize the hiring error.”

It’s no different whether you’re firing security professionals or workers in another position. When employees don’t meet your needs, it wastes your time, your employees’ time, and the poor performer’s time. Here’s what recent Harris Interactive Research statistics indicated employers felt the impact was of keeping a bad hire around:

  • Less productivity (41%)
  • Lost time to recruit and train another worker (40%)
  • Cost to recruit and train another worker (37%)
  • Employee morale negatively affected (36%)
  • Negative impact on client solutions (22%)

However, too many employers are resistant to letting bad employees go. Too many feel the idea of employee turnover is a turnoff. Not always, according to the article, “Employee Turnover Not Always a Bad Thing.”

In it human resources consultant and writer Deborah S. Hildebrand looks at the upside of employee turnover. She writes:

While employee turnover may signal that an organization has issues that have not been fully addressed, employee turnover can also provide employers with an opportunity to refresh the talent pool or make needed changes to infrastructure.

She offers three factors that may help employers to understand that employee turnover isn’t only a natural part of business, but it is a vital part of all organizations. Employee turnover:

  • Provides management with important information about the current climate within the organization and helps them to determine if changes need to occur.
  • Is a natural progression allowing managers to make needed adjustments to department structure and employee roles.
  • Allows your talent a chance to take on new opportunities, learn new skills, and provide employee growth.

Naturally, the downside is the impact to those who remain behind. You may see a dip in morale. However, if viewed properly and handled correctly, turnover can eliminate underperformers who are putting a strain on the good performers. You are actually helping the employees you want to retain.

So next time you realize you need to let some of your security professionals go, just do it. Don’t wait until things worsen.

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