The COVID-19 Virtual Handshake – 3 Key Professional Networking Tips

By Pinnacle Placements May 1, 2020

Ripple effects from the Covid-19 pandemic will be both deep and wide as we look to the future and a return to more traditional business practices. Until we resume meeting in large groups at security conferences members of security management and executive leadership will likely turn to networking online.  Recent surveys show Forty-five percent of CSOs and CISOs said they prefer to cultivate professional relationships via social networking sites such as LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook. Still, just over a quarter of security executives interviewed favor in-person executive networking at events, meetings and conferences.

Social networking does offer many pluses and can be effective at targeting a particular audience or identifying subject matter experts. While the residual effects of the global pandemic keep us apart it is important not to abandon more traditional approaches when it is safe to do so once again.

Engaging in regular conversations remains essential for developing meaningful professional relationships and sharing security information and related topics.  Phone and particularly face-to-face meetings can build rapport in a way that email, and other electronic communication cannot. Most people still want some personal familiarity to help establish connection and credibility with fellow professionals.

Until the time when the traditional security conferences and expos return below are networking tips that will help you expand your network and professional knowledge base.


Networking Tips

Here are three tried and true tips to get the most from professional networking today:


  • Be proactive. Do not wait until you need something. If you reach out to contacts only when you need help, you will weaken your ties with them. Keep in touch regularly by commenting on updates, offering assistance, and sharing interesting news items.
  • Strike the right balance. Meeting in person takes more time and effort but can deliver much more value over the long term. Begin relationships through one-on-one meetings when possible, then keep in touch online and via email to continue building the communication.
  • Optimize the learning opportunity. Monitor social media to keep current with security industry developments and your network’s reaction to them. Re-post the most relevant content to become a trusted resource among contacts.

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