The 3 Things Employers and Recruiters Look for in Your Social Media Profile.

The ease of identifying and applying for jobs online has made the Web the primary destination for job seekers. A sign of the times? The Labor Department recently teamed up with Facebook to launch The Social Jobs Partnership, a Facebook-hosted job-searching page.  Social networking sites like LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter have helped countless searchers with referrals, eventually leading to hires.

With all this social recruiting going on, you not only have to be savvy about what you’re posting and sharing online, but also need to know whether employers and recruiters are actually looking at it. I am here to tell you they are – and since they are, here are the three things employers and recruiters look at when they check your online profile:

1. What you are posting. Just having your name and where you worked doesn’t give a lot of perspective of who you are. What your social media presence consists of and how you leverage social media and engage in discussions reveals what your thought process is and how savvy you are. So, make sure you’re participating and advancing the security industry conversation forward, not spouting off personal newsbytes or inane (inappropriate) banter about last Friday’s happy-hour.

2. Your inner circle. This reveals how well-connected (and in-the-know) you might be in the industry. Professional groups and associations likewise spotlight what you’ve been up to and can show your willingness to step up your game and take on new skills as well as show a desire to contribute and learn.

3. How you present yourself. Is your profile filled out and up-to-date, or does it appear robotic, listing only your basic information? Updating your profile with current experience is crucial. It helps employers and recruiters who want to find out everything they can about you to help determine if you are a potential candidate worth contacting.

Tips to remember:

  • Check your online profile to make sure it is current
  • Engage with relevant and thoughtful input
  • Avoid saying anything you might regret later
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