Ten Tips: How to Maintain a Positive Outlook During Your Job Search

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Federal statistics back up what I see in the current labor market…the average person is out of a job for up to a full year. This also holds true for many for level candidates already employed, yet actively seeking a new career opportunity. It’s tough, it can make even the most confident, successful people feel frustration and even, like a failure. You feel like it’ll never change and that everyone has a leg up on you. But cheer up! Here are 10 ways to keep your chin up and have a positive attitude while you conduct your job search.

  1. Take Charge: This job search is up to you. You’ve heard “make finding a job your new job”? Well, no one else is goinng to do that job for you. So roll up your sleeves and dive into the job markt head first.
  2. No Regrets: The past is gone. Whatever the reasons are that led you to this point in your life, whatever caused you to be unemployed…forget it. It will only hold you back from here on out and it will poison your positive attitude.
  3. Stop Worrying: Probably the hardest tip in the list. It’s hard not to worry about the future when you’re out of work, but try. Shift your focus to your goals and not your fears. Worry is a habit. Let go of it.
  4. Get up!: Healthy body, healthy mind. So get off the couch, get out of the office chair and get physical. Eat right, get enough sleep, hang out with friends who make you feel better about your self.
  5. Schedule: Make one. Map out your day just like you did at your job. Stick to your schedule and it will give you focus.
  6. No Pajamas: Dress for success. You don’t need to be hanging around your house in a three-piece suit, but you should dress for success. Go business casual while you’re looking for that next job and get yourself in the business frame of mind.
  7. Accept Rejection: You won’t like it, but you won’t get every job you apply for. It’s not a personal attack, it’s a business decision. Rejection is not a reflection on you, jut another step in your search.
  8. Reward Yourself: You shouldn’t make this a 24-hour hour job search. Make sure you take the time to relax after a day of job hunting.
  9. Avoid Negativity: Everyone has friends who are negative and will commiserate with you every day. Avoid those people. Hang out with friends who have positive attitudes…they’ll rub off on you.
  10. Talk to Someone: Don’t stay in your own head all the time. You’re going to feel frustrated, it’s inevitable. So find someone to talk to, whether it’s a professional or just a good friend our your spouse. Talk it out.

The job search is a long process, especially in today’s market. Stay as positive as you can and you’ll get through it!

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