Servant Leadership: Identifying Your Next Security Leader

As a leader in your company, you are well aware of the difference between and control.  They both have power but one gives, the other takes. Based on all you know about various leadership theories, philosophies, styles and models, you have determined that you want to hire leadership that gives but how can you be sure that’s what you’re getting?


Look for the servant.

Consider this. You are hiring someone who will represent you and your company to the world. This person will shore up existing security programs, forge new approaches and motivate others to participate in helping protect your assets, information, clients AND your company. An effective leader is not just a certified wealth of knowledge with the traditional skill set and character traits to fulfill the job description. Rather, he is a human being responsible for protecting the lives of other human beings, including you. Your new leader must approach every person, problem and assignment as a servant if she is to succeed in providing the safety and security your clients have come to expect from your company.

To be clear, servant leadership is not passive, weak-willed, and “nice.” But neither is it aggressive, stubborn and stoic. According to who first coined the phrase in 1970, “the servant-leader shares power, puts the needs of others first and helps people develop and perform as highly as possible.”

Over decades of study and debate, have emerged from which current styles and models have been identified:

  1.  “Trait Theories – What Type of Person Makes a Good Leader?
  2. Behavioral Theories – What Does a Good Leader Do?
  3. Contingency Theories – How Does the Situation Influence Good Leadership?
  4. Power and Influence Theories – What is the Source of the Leader’s Power?”

These theories pinpoint various aspects of leadership, discerning the healthy from the dysfunctional, and how they can work together to develop a strong team of employees at every level. In fact, the Transformational style of leadership, currently touted as the best approach for business management, is built on core values of servant leadership. A company undergirded by the servant philosophy of caring for people over one’s self can make ANY leadership style more effective based on the basic premise of humanity.


So, what does servant leadership look like for your company?

  • A Visionary – Every candidate arrives with a sense of her own vision for life and career and the hope that you will embrace and develop that vision for the good of your company. You want your new Executive to see the world of your clients with fresh perspective and to meld her vision with yours in creative problem solving for the protection of that world.
  • A Confident and Kind Director – Security is about keeping people safe in every manner and walk of life. Your new Manager knows that it “takes a village” to harness the power of community for the most effective security. Only a person who is self-secure has the mental and emotional focus to cultivate a team based on mutual respect as well as common goals.
  • A Person with Passion for YOUR Purpose – Your new Director must be whole-heartedly aligned with you and the mission of your company. Passion motivates passion. How he serves your company will set the standard for how your company serves your clients.
  • A Person of Character – Everyone talks about integrity and keeping a good name, but this can only be achieved by re-directing focus off of one’s self to those one serves, thinking about their needs, their reputation, their security. If your new Manager is making decisions that honor her leadership, her team, her company and her clients, she doesn’t have to worry about her reputation.
  • A Veteran of the Work – there is no substitute for leadership by someone who has been in the trenches. Just this week, our government has provided the perfect example. , president of the FBI Agents Association, announced support of Rep. Mike Rogers (Mich.) as the new bureau’s leader. “The best person to lead us is someone who has been inside the organization and has served as an agent,” Motyka said. “Agents are essential to the bureau’s primary mission of protecting our country from a wide array of threats.”


Your new leader is not a perfect person and the skills set, certification, and knowledge base are critical components of the whole person in this position. However, it is the heart of a person that governs the actions, so when you’re looking for the BEST in leadership, it’s best to keep these qualities in mind.

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