Security Professionals, Beware! IT Security is a Must-Have for 2013

Cybersecurity, network security, identity security, and other security issues related to information technology have long been on the list of specialty skills for IT professionals. Not any longer, according to the February 2013 Forbes post, “Enterprise Technology: 5 Trends To Watch For 2013.”

Security professionals are hereby advised that IT security is moving into the mainstream more than ever. The main culprit, according to Forbes, is an increase in criminal activity seeking intellectual property and financial gain.

While the Internet affords us countless opportunities, it also comes with a price. No longer is strong security an option – it’s a requirement for all organizations to protect their intellectual and physical capital, customer identities and society at large.

This requires organizations to ingrain security into the corporate culture and to develop a solid team of IT security professionals. Unfortunately, the results of the 2011 (ISC)2 Global Information Security Workforce Study indicate that the information security community in general admits it needs better training in a variety of technology areas.

The information security profession could be on a dangerous course, where information security professionals are engulfed in their current job duties and responsibilities, leaving them ill-prepared for the major changes ahead and potentially endangering the organizations they secure.

It’s not enough for information security professionals to know their stuff. They need to improve their knowledge continually through further education and peer-to-peer interactions.

Organizations can assist their security team by:

  • Implementing an information security management system
  • Creating well-defined security measures
  • Ensuring the information security professionals they recruit have a broader understanding of networks, applications, wireless technologies, operating systems, and software development
  • Providing security employees access to IT security certification and training programs
  • Encouraging the development of both technical and business mentoring relationships within and outside the organization
  • Helping security professionals understand the business issues the organization faces so they are better prepared to address them

Developing a great team of security professionals requires time and effort. And it doesn’t hurt to have an expert in the field on speed dial. Pinnacle Placements can help you identify the exceptional security professionals you need to get the job done.

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