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How do you know if an opportunity is right for you?

You’re at the top of your field. You’re in high demand. You get lots of calls, for many opportunities. You would consider making a change if all the circumstance were right. You’ve seen colleagues leave for other opportunities; many of who are enjoying great success. Maybe, in retrospect, there are some offers you wish you had accepted. So, how do you know if the next one is right for you?

Critical Values Analysis

You can’t be absolutely certain, but you can take steps to minimize your risk. Much goes into making a career decision; your gut feeling about the opportunity, the players involved, the company image and track record. It’s a tough decision and we know that. We can assist you in making the proper choice. Our Critical Values Analysis will remove pressure and emotion from the decision making process to help ensure you are making a career choice founded on these core elements. For us to attract the very best talent, like yourself, we have to represent the best opportunities. Consistently, we have been doing this since our inception.

Our Clients have succeeded repeatedly.

You look for exactly the kinds of things we look for when partnering with a client. Not just a gut feeling, but what is the career potential; how stable is the company; do they have the financial resources to sustain the company; can the team execute and what’s their track record. Our clients have proven time and again to be entrepreneurs, industry leaders, not accidental successes. Many have built multi-billion dollar companies more than once.

The clients we have partnered with were not a result of accident, but choice. We believed in their long-term success from the beginning of our partnership. In turn, they believed we would help them to achieve their goals and objectives. We expect them to impact the industry and there employee’s in positive and meaningful ways. However, these clients make up a much shorter list than those we have declined to work with.

Candidates like yourself, chose to work with us for usually one of three reasons

  • They had a very successful past experience with us
  • They know someone who did
  • They declined an offer they now wish they hadn’t

If this interests you, contact us and tell us a little bit about yourself and what kinds of opportunities you would consider.

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