Recognizing the Critical Role of Security Recruiters

The old saying about all things not being created equal could easily apply to headhunters. While lots of generic recruiting firms offer to assist in filling a wide range of job openings, including security, when it comes to certain roles, job placement is better left to specialization. After all, if you needed to hire an accountant, you wouldn’t go to a legal recruiter, or vice-versa.

A security search firm – or any other specialized recruiter, for that matter – has an insight into their particular field that others often take for granted. Finding someone with the right blend of knowledge, skills, and personal characteristics can make the staffing process run much smoother.

Knowledge of the Security Field

A friend of mine who handles staffing in the human resources department of a small company recently confided how difficult it sometimes is to match the right people to the right jobs. For her, positions in information management are overwhelming because she just doesn’t understand the ins and outs of technology. She relies heavily on a co-worker to help select the best resumes and then screens the applicants for work style fit, rather than skill fit.

A knowledgeable security recruiter has a basic understanding of the field at all levels, from security guard to Director of Security, and in all areas, from loss prevention to information security management. This improves the chances of a good find and a good fit.

Skill to Identify Security Talent

Before you choose a security executive recruiter to help you with your next job opening, find out their track record for filling security roles. Be sure to ask questions about success rate, business practices, types of jobs filled, and length of time in business.

Additionally, ask about the types of clients they work with. It can tell you a lot about their reputation. Just like you check references on applicants before extending a job offer, you’ll want to be sure you are working with a ethical and reputable  recruiting firm before you engage their services.

Personality Match with You

A final, yet critical, part of selecting a security headhunter is finding someone who has the same ethics, values, and goals.

Take the time to get to know the individual who will personally handle your account. Identify the criteria you require in candidates and how they plan to conduct the search. Ask if they work with any of your competitors to avoid a conflict of interest should you hope to recruit from their ranks. Generally make sure the two of you are on the same page.

When it comes to hiring the best security professionals, you first have to hire the best security search firm.

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