Powerful Strategies Job Seekers Should Use When Working With a Security Recruiter


An executive recruiter provides a substantial service for businesses by researching and presenting the most qualified candidates to employers. This process involves studying the skills necessary for the position and interviewing job seekers to see if they are characteristic of these skills. This article will review several strategies that many potential candidates will find useful when working with an executive recruiter.



Establishing a Relationship

Applicants and job seekers should consider their relationship with an executive recruiter as a partnership for building a better career. Executive recruiters are retained by businesses because they have the resources, experience, and expertise for understanding applicants and how they will work within the organizations environment. Potential candidates can use this time to become better acclimated to the requirements of the job and how their qualities can be applied when employed. This is one of the ways a relationship with a security recruiter will be beneficial. Job seekers should actively take part in this process by asking questions about the business and the job and what is expected from the employee.

Some common questions include:

  • How long have the recruitment firm and business worked together?
  • Why is the job open?
  • How long does the recruiter keep an applicant’s information on file?

Job seekers are working with the recruiter just as the recruiter is working with the business. Both sides are trying to find the best position or candidate available, and it behooves both to understand each other. By asking questions, job seekers develop a foundation for building a strong network of partners for finding the greatest success in a career move.

Take Interest in the Job and the Business

Businesses are looking for security management professionals that are dedicated to providing excellent work and leadership time and time again. Recruiters are aware of this and sort through to find those job seekers who have the skills and the drive for providing quality work. Applicants can ask recruiters questions that work to understand the business environment and security needs.

  • How many people work within the department or team?
  • What security challenges or issue need immediate attention?
  • Are there any annual or seasonal projects with this position, for example budgeting and planning?
  • What is the reporting structure for this position?

This establishes an applicant as a strong candidate by showing initiative and interest in the role and how it fit’s with your career goals.

Build Your Brand

Job seekers are selling their work to businesses and security management search firm’s. It’s important to maintain a brand that is competitive with other applicants. Candidates begin their brand with education, employment history, on the job accomplishments, and other contributions, but they can continue to sculpt their brand with many common tools available today. Blogs and well-engineered websites are two ways that candidates can exceed beyond the competition. Incorporating social media like LinkedIn and Twitter is vitally important. Recruiters and businesses use these social networks to research and define candidates with the words, pictures, and other media that they establish on these networks. Job seekers can write about things that are specific to their industry:

  • Current Trends in Security
  • Certifications or Continuing Education
  • Professional and Volunteer Organizations – ASIS, ISC2
  • Leadership or Professional Development Topics

Writing about things that are directly related and congruent with the security industry and business overall, shows a well seated interest and knowledge about many of the issues, problems, and mechanics of how the business operates and security contributes to it’s mission and goals.

Job seekers should look at executive recruiters as partners in building their career. This relationship helps to open doors for attainable success and can help secure the desired position. By building this relationship, by learning about the business, and by building a strong brand, job seekers have already positioned themselves as the best candidates for the job.

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