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Traditional resumes are still as necessary as ever, and we’ve dedicated both a section on our website as well as several blogs to this important topic – but with hiring freezes and limited positions available, utilizing technology becomes newly important and can serve as good differentiator and an excellent source of personal branding.

One new technological trend is the “visual curriculum vitae” or Visual CV. Most resumes include a section where the applicant summarizes their experience. A visual CV is a summary of these experiences in visual form via an internet web site (a recording of their work, activities and other events that they believe would be important to a potential employer). Along with this visual section, a text based accompaniment would be placed on a web page for marketing oneself to all potential employers.

There are several web sites that allow individuals to post their information. Some require payment and provide assistance in publishing your information, others are free of charge and with a moderate amount of technological experience, and the average computer user can post the information themselves.

Attached is an article I found of interest on the subject. Enjoy!

David Lammert

Visual Resumes – Do You Have Yours?

The job hunting world is continually changing, driven primarily by advancements in technology and leveraging the Internet. We’ve seen the world of snail mail and “pounding the pavement” replaced by emails, job boards and hundreds of job posting sites. One of the more recent additions to the job search world is the introduction of “visual resumes”. This relatively new twist on job search is still in its infancy and it’s not clear yet how popular this trend will become, but time will tell.

So what is a visual resume? It is an online professional marketing brochure or “personal web-based brand”. Rather than sending your Word or text resume to potential employers, you would direct them to your web-based resume. This is a new wild card and those who are creative are likely to create the most “eye catching” resumes. For those who are ready to give this a try, there are a few of options available. Today’s post will review some visual resume sites and resources.

VisualCV – We can’t cover this topic without reviewing which, as best I can tell, is the best known visual resume site. The site offers a tour as well as examples. The tour gives an overview of how to create your visual resume and what is generally included. You can embed almost any type of media as well as hyperlinks to your personal website or social site profile (like LinkedIn). The service is free. It is worth looking at the examples before creating your own visual resume as they will give you some ideas as to what might work best for you.

NavAgility – This site helps you create a social timeline which, in today’s example, would be a resume timeline. The site provides background on “What’s in it for me” and “How does it Work” as well as providing an example of a CareerPath Timeline (resume timeline). The look and feel of NavAgility’s CareerPath Timeline is more graphical and less of an online marketing brochure. Using the example provided, you view a career timeline and can click through the details to see additional information. It’s an interesting format, although my personal preference is the format used by VisualCV.

Visual Resume – This site was created on and provides an alternative way to create a visual resume. Basically, you create a visual resume using and use this site to embed your virtual resume. Since enables the creation of your own social network, my assumption is that this site will become a repository for visual resumes and another visual resume alternative.

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