Not Finding the Right Job Candidates? Top 4 Reasons Why

If you are struggling to identify the right candidate for the job, there are a number of possibilities you might consider as to why that is happening.  However, chance are it is one of these :

1) You don’t truly know what you need: If you interview multiple candidates, but no one seems quite right. You may not really know what it is you are seeking from candidates. You must know what outcomes you need from someone filling the position, not just have a generic job description or set of competencies. Understand what you need the candidate to do.

2) You are looking for a Purple Unicorn: There are certain types of candidates that just don’t exist. If you’re asking for the candidate that has an unrealistic combination of knowledge, hard-skills and experience, or has a set of skills that are so unique as to be unheard of, you may be chasing a Purple Unicorn. You will never find a candidate with Ph.D. in under-water basket weaving, no matter how much you offer or how prestigious your company is, because such a candidate just doesn’t exist. Instead of eliminating a candidate that checks 9 out of 10 boxes…why not hire them for the 9 skills and train on the 10th.

3) Poor compensation package: You have to be prepared to offer what the job is worth. Asking for a Master’s Degree means paying more than an Bachelor’s Degree. Asking for 25 skills means paying for more than 10. Asking for both means paying more than either one alone is worth. But don’t get hung up on numbers. A comprehensive benefits package can often be worth more and cost you less than direct compensation. Be prepared to offer higher or lower rates based on what benefits you offer.

4) Ineffective or non-existent recruiting strategy: You have to have a strategy in your recruiting efforts. Be forward thinking. Develop a database of potential employees. Make sure your job postings and descriptions are based upon measureable knowledge, hard-skills and abilities…not vague list of qualities and soft-skills. Post jobs ahead of when you’ll actually need them. Project forward, recruit from within, and develop training programs that enhance your current employees skills. Your recruitment strategy is tied to your corporate image.

Finding and recruiting candidates that are good fit for your company is difficult.

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