Making Your Resume Stand Out in 2015!


The economy is improving and more jobs are available. This doesn’t mean employers will be receiving fewer resumes to review however. In fact, it is the opposite. In order to have the best chance for success it is important to maximize your resume. Consider the following tips for making your resume stand out in 2015!

Make it Readable

Although years ago the goal was to keep a resume to one page that is not a hard and fast rule. Allow yourself two or even three pages to express why you are the right person for the job. More space means you don’t need to use small font size or try to cram information in. Also keep in mind that the font shouldn’t be fancy and hard to read. Instead use a simple font of a reasonable size so it will be easy to look at and understand.

Consider Creating a New Resume Each Time

While it isn’t necessary to start from a blank page for each job opportunity, it also isn’t appropriate to just use the same resume every time either. Personalize the resume to the job. Take the opportunity to create a version that highlights why you are the perfect candidate for this particular position. This certainly requires more effort, however, you will see more responses to a tailored resume than to a one size fits all version.

Start Strong

Along the same lines, make sure the first few lines of the resume clearly express who you are and why you should be hired for this particular job. It is important that the person reading the resume is hooked at the beginning and feels the need to read on to learn more. An objective statement is a waste of valuable real estate.

Focus on Accomplishments

Highlight business/security accomplishments you have achieved. Although education is important it does not need to be listed at the top of the resume. Instead provide examples that pertain to the new job showing previous success. Don’t just create a list of previous job responsibilities but highlight the ways in which you excelled in those responsibilities in the past. Include specifics where possible.

Eliminate Unnecessary Information

While it isn’t important to keep the resume to one page, it is not helpful to provide irrelevant information. Verify the details you are including pertain to the job you are applying for. In general this means you should leave off work-history that is 10 to 20 years old,  your  hobbies or personal interests off of your resume.

Following the above tips will help ensure your resume stands out! While you are updating your resume consider updating your LinkedIn profile as well. Make sure it compliments the information you are providing in your resume.

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