Making the Hard Choices: Four Signs You Need to Fire an Employee

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A bad employee can hurt productivity and worker outlook by letting them remain on your staff. Others will see that inadequacy and a negative attitude are okay and may follow suit. Here are four signs you need to fire an employee ASAP:

  1. One simple misstep or mistake does not necessarily make a firable offense. What is worthy of termination is a steady decline in behavior or performance over time. An employee without a desire to change or improve his or her attitude or outlook will soon cease to be an asset.
  2. If you see an issue with an employee, it is important to communicate and document your concerns to them with specific actions that need to be taken, as part of an action plan. If his or her reaction is one of resent, neglect, or insubordination, that is a clue that remediation is not a likely option. You cannot wait around for a worker to change if he or she has made it clear they have no desire to do so.
  3. The employee’s clients and co-workers are great barometers of an employee’s quality. If other employees, managers, and clients all have negative comments about a staff member, they can’t all be wrong. Even if you can’t see it, taking other opinions into account can help you make the right decision.
  4. To put it simply, one employee with a negative attitude affects all of those who work with him or her. This employee can change others’ outlooks with poor opinions and output. Previously motivated workers may start to feel and act the same way, lowering overall morale and productivity.

It is not always easy to let an employee go, but the sooner you can realize it is sometimes for the better of the company, the sooner you can raise your company’s quality and your other workers’ outlooks.

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