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The job market for employment in the security field has been hit just as hard as others in today’s economy. Even with an improving economy finding a job in the security field can be a challenge. But for those willing to step up and put forth the effort, jobs can be found. Recruiters in security management can afford to be picky, and the right candidates are the ones who can outshine the others. But what exactly is the best way to shine in the security field? Here are some tips that may just give you the edge in landing the job.

  • Make sure that your resume shines – your resume is one of the first impressions a security headhunter or company has of you. Create a polished, brief picture that shows you at your best. A bland, passive resume can hurt you just as much as a long, detailed resume. Keep it sharp, clear, and tailored to each position.
  • Do your research – prepare for the interview by knowing all you can about the company, including things such as their strengths, weaknesses, biggest threats, and current events. Try to create a profile of the company so that you can show how you would fit into their organization.
  • Don’t be unprepared – practice does make perfect, especially when interviewing. Knowing you can do the job isn’t enough, you have to show them that you can. Answering questions clearly, without rambling, stumbling, long pauses, or confusion is important. But don’t treat it like a game show where you have to be the first to buzz in with the correct answer.
  • Don’t emphasize your ‘cops and robbers’ experience – if you have experience in law enforcement or the military, it’s fine to point it out, but talking about your past experience can often have the opposite affect. Present yourself as a security management executive.
  • Do show them you understand security – focusing on the challenges that this particular company may face, and solutions that you have used in the past in similar situations can show them that you understand the needs of the company.  Provide examples of times where you have created solutions, but keep in mind that they want to see how you will perform in the future. They don’t want to simply hear stories from your past. Try to keep it focused on how that experience can work for them.

While the process of getting hired may take time, and effort, don’t let the frustration cause you to miss an opportunity to land the job you are after. Always keep your attitude positive and confident. If you are interested in finding out more or looking for help in finding the right job for you in the security field, please contact us. We can help you put yourself in the right position to land the security job you are looking for.

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