Look for These Top 10 Signs of a Positive Performance-Driven Culture


Some suggest that a company’s culture is like it’s personality. It has a lot to do with the atmosphere, values, customs, and traditions. It’s the rules of accepted behavior, spoken and unspoken. So before you decide where you want to work next, make sure to look for signs of a positive performance-driven culture.

What the Heck is Performance-Driven Culture?

Think of all the organizations you’ve work for throughout your career. Most, if not all, have likely focused heavily on profits and the bottom line. On the other hand, a performance-driven culture focuses on employee performance and management of that process to help drive the financial success of the organization.

According to an Inc. post, “Research has shown that organizational culture directly impacts the bottom line.” Specifically, financially strong companies (ROI of 30% or more) “are also strong in key, measurable aspects of corporate culture.” However, in too many instances business culture is just a matter of luck or accident. Corporate leaders don’t always take the active role they need to take in order to create a winning culture.

For an organization to cultivate a performance-driven culture, it must proactively penetrate all levels of the organization. As an employee, there are key elements you should consider when seeking employment with a company. They may not all be present, but evidence of some means you’re more likely choosing an employer who “gets it.”

Look for These 10 Factors before You Say “Yes”

While there are a number of factors that may lead you to choose an employer, one of the core reasons should be organizational values. More importantly, they should align with your own. These ten go a long way to indicate a company embraces a performance-driven culture:

  • Clarity of vision: Clearly stated and enforced corporate mission, vision, values, and goals.
  • Commitment to communication and transparency: Open, honest communication and sharing of company information.
  • Work environment: Work/life balance as well as recognition and support from leaders and coworkers.
  • Empowerment: Authority to make choices and reap the rewards or accept the consequences.
  • Talent across the board: Depth of skill and abilities in all team members.
  • Workplace diversity: A team that reflects the company’s customers, vendors, and community as well as a team with unique interests and goals.
  • Accountability: Willingness for all team members to accept responsibility for actions and outcomes.
  • Share the wealth: Commitment to reward all employees based on their level of contribution.
  • Professional development: Opportunities to learn, grow, and increase levels of expertise.
  • Encourage risk: Foster and support innovation.

Wherever you choose to work, look for an employer that fits with who you are and what you believe. The result will likely be a company with a positive performance-driven culture.

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