You Like Your Job, but Are Feeling Stale: Follow These 5 Tips for Refreshment



Even those who have worked their way into a career and a position that they truly enjoy grow impatient or restless at times. Feeling stuck, they look for ways to make changes in order to continue challenging themselves and growing. While some look to a new career or job, there are many other ways to put life and interest back into your job.

The following five tips present practical ways to professional development and invigorated fulfillment, simultaneously allowing you to remain in a position you worked hard for and truly enjoy.

1) Increase Involvement

Learn about other aspects of the company. By joining committees, volunteering, and making connections in other departments you increase you skill set, broaden your network, and acquire invaluable knowledge regarding the company and your role in it.

2) Pursue Ongoing Education

Continuing education eliminates boredom while providing you with cutting edge information and inventive strategies to secure your position in an increasingly competitive job field. Pursuing skills in technology, data, and communication increase versatility, value, and engagement.

3) Invest in Mentoring

Being mentored and mentoring both present active opportunities to grow, challenge yourself and others, and find new avenues for professional achievement. Learning from a mentor gives you fresh perspective, while mentoring gives the opportunity to share this. Both offer extremely rewarding and life-long lessons.

4) Maintain a Professional Social Media Presence

Building an active professional social media presence brings unique challenges. It also allows for growth in many areas — social, professional, and intellectual — and offers unlimited opportunities to try new skills and apply what you learn.

5) Engage in Volunteerism

More than just volunteering in other departments, actively participating in company-wide charities provides opportunities for both personal and professional advance. From network building to personal satisfaction to the assistance you provide to the charity, volunteerism benefits all involved on many levels.

So if you feel a bit stale or stuck in your current situation, take a step: pick one or more of these strategies to begin improving and re-energizing your personal and professional life.

If you are still not sure where to start, reach out to others: connect on Twitter and LinkedIn, follow applicable blogs, and be inspired to take the first step toward professional fulfillment.

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