Learn the 5 Key Reasons Why Self-Evaluation Should Be Part of Your Year-End Planning

Learn the 5 Key Reasons Why Self-Evaluation Should Be Part of Your Year-End Planning

By David Lammert I Pinnacle Placements Security Recruiting Firm December 6th, 2020


Everyone looks forward to putting 2020 in the rearview mirror and not looking back. The past year has been brutal. Many of us are trying to weather the current COVID-19 surge and hope for a better 2021. However, before turning that page, try this to squeeze something good from the past year: self-evaluation.


This is the perfect time to assess where you are, audit where you’ve been, and prepare for where you’re currently headed. No matter what stage you are in your career, taking stock of your accomplishments to date will benefit you in many ways.


  1. Boost your own morale

Reflecting on what you have done to improve yourself and the quality of your work does wonders to further strengthen your resilience, motivation, and self-esteem. List the professional development events (online included) you attended, networking, self-help books you read, and other efforts you made to get healthy, stay organized, or reduce stress through the pandemic.


  1. Make Note of Your Accomplishments

Outlining your specific accomplishments this year. Cybersecurity and physical security professionals alike faced many unique tests in 2020.  From accommodating a sudden remote workforce, face a new threat landscape, allow the business to function in a quarantine, and prepare to reintegrate a workforce. These are just a few examples in addition to the usual day to day demands of a 24/7 function, not to mention the challenges with the civil unrest during the summer. These hurdles with the business-related needs of boosting the bottom line, holding down costs, completing projects, and initiating new ideas, will help you build confidence, so you’re better prepared to articulate your strengths or even re-negotiate your compensation.


  1. Invest in Yourself

Hey, nobody is perfect, and we all have areas where we can improve ourselves. Take the time to give yourself a candid self-examination. Be honest about the areas where you struggled with challenges, you can identify opportunities to refine your tactics or learn new techniques to enhance your skills and expertise. Today’s technology platforms offer multiple tools for assessments and learning. Be proactive and take advantage of personal and professional development resources.


  1. Update Your Resume and Social Media Profiles

In this day and age, we know job security can be fleeting, so a thoughtful self-evaluation will give you all the particulars you need to revise your qualifications and ensure your resume and online profiles, particularly LinkedIn, are always current, optimized and at the ready.


  1. Get Comfortable Outside of Your Comfort Zone

We all know it; however, it bears repeating, 2020 was unprecedented in every way. You likely dealt with high-stress levels at home and on the job. Surviving has been an accomplishment itself. However, during times of challenge we see our greatest growth. Evaluate how you have grown as a result of being pushed out of your comfort zone. Where might you have found your hidden potential, new passion, or professional fulfillment?

Don’t rush your year-end self-evaluation – this part of professional evaluation and planning for the new year doesn’t require a hard deadline. Take plenty of time to enjoy the exercise, process, and journey.  You might learn even more about yourself. If you struggle with remembering what you did the past year, make that a goal for next year – to keep more detailed records and make progress notes for yourself each month.

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