Keys to identifying a career that suits you

Finding the perfect career in security is no simple task. Some spend a lifetime without succeeding at this. There is no quick-fix or easy way to decide on the ideal career for you. It is a process – one that likely has many twists and turns and one that will require you to ask yourself many questions along the way.

Here are a few key considerations that will make the process a bit easier.

Determine Your Needs

This could be the toughest challenge of the process and one that will likely change as your career progresses. Ask yourself what you need from your work. Since there will be more than one thing on your list, you will have to prioritize.

Identify Your Values

Start by determining what you value in your career. Will it be income or growth potential, stability or something else? If your dream career in the security industry involves a lot of hours and travel, are you willing to make the sacrifice to have this job? If you are willing to make a personal sacrifice, how long are you willing to continue sacrificing?

Do Your Homework

Learn about the company before you join it. Research natural paths to other jobs within security from the one you are considering. What are the hard and soft skills necessary to succeed in the role? Network and talk with colleagues who have experience in a similar role.

Create a Formal Career Plan

Similar to a business plan, determine your short and long term goals and objectives. Use these to help you access if you are achieving your goals towards the career role you have identified. Use resources available such as career coaches, mentors and skills assessments. Revise your plan as needed.

You will know you are on the right career path when work doesn’t feel like work anymore!


Good luck in finding the best career path for you!

David Lammert

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