Keeping Up With the Recruiting Needs in Cybersecurity

Today’s data networking landscape changes constantly and moves along at a rapid pace. Many emerging external business factors, such as upgrades in technology, government regulation, and cyber crime enhance the computer technology industry’s demand for talented cyber security specialists. However, according to a July 2013 written by  for , America has a major shortage of qualified IT security professionals.


This nation’s lack of human capital with a cyber security skill set exposes a weakness in America’s defense against the next cataclysmic cyber attack. Terrorist organizations, rogue data thieves, and even unfriendly governments abroad use cyberspace to wreak havoc on various information systems. Nowadays, many private and public industries use data networking in order to function in a modern business setting.


Telecommunications companies, financial firms and institutions, as well as different branches of the U.S. military rely on data networking in order to manage a substantial amount of important information. Unfortunately, as Mr. Gjelten writes, American cyber defenses “are not up to the challenge.” James Gosler is a cyber security specialist, who has worked for the NSA and CIA. In his interview with, Gosler quotes:


“We don’t have sufficiently bright people moving into this field to support those national security objectives as we move forward in time.”


However, a September 2013 by Jon Stout (CEO of Aspiration Software LLC) for  reveals a potential solution to solving America’s vulnerability to the vast amount of cyber threats in today’s technological landscape. Stout argues in his piece that contracting out the work of cyber security specialists is a cheaper and more effective method for data networking solutions. He writes:


“The bottom line is that the Federal Government needs highly qualified cyberwarriors and it needs them now in order to protect the welfare of the nation. When one compares this specialized need, and the need to protect the success of its cyber missions, the best choice is contractor provided employees.”


Pinnacle Placements is a security search firm, which aims to help businesses recruit the right people in the fields of InfoSec and cybersecurity. In addition to providing recruiting solutions for protecting data, Pinnacle also specializes in finding qualified professionals for protecting people and tangible physical security assets. The constantly changing technological landscape will continue to provide a steady demand in these vitally important fields of business. To learn more about the effective process Pinnacle goes through as  please

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