Keeping Motivated During Your Job Search

It can be difficult to stay focused and motivated if you are out of work and are seeking a new opportunity. During the transition period between jobs there is typically an abundance of free time. Managing this “found” time can have a tremendous impact on your mental well being, as well as your ability to find new opportunities.

This blog is dedicated to providing you tips to staying fresh and motivated:

1) Stay Focused

This is not the time to become a cable news junkie, reality TV junky, or to start your Netflix account. Finding a new job is a full-time job all on its own. The time and investment it will take to become employed once more will likely be far more extensive than you might expect. Today, the average job search takes from 4.5 to 14 weeks. The higher you have been and are looking to be on the food chain, the longer it will take. Plan accordingly.

2) Polish Yourself

Rejection will be plentiful. My recommendation is to find an activity where you know you can achieve success and better yourself at the same time. Spend some time in the gym or acquire a new skill that will be relevant to your career. Surround yourself with positive people and activity.

3) Stay Current

Keeping in tune with events within your industry is extremely important. Attend ASIS meetings, reconnect with industry colleagues, and study new trends in your industry. Stay connected to avoid feelings of isolation and to remain relevant.

4) Identify Your Specialty

The work place is becoming more and more specialized. Do you know what you are really good at? If you don’t, how can you market yourself to recruiters and employers? Many on-line self-assessments can help you identify your talents. One of my favorite experts on this subject is Markus Buckingham. Check out the book by he and Donald Clifton titled “Now, Go Discover your Strengths”.

5) Find balance

This is a stressful time. Do your best to find balance between activity related to finding your next position and taking some time for yourself and allowing yourself some moments of mini- vacation.

I look forward to your feedback and hearing what you or someone you know has done to help get through a job transition. Please send me an email at with your tips and suggestions.

More to come!

David Lammert

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