IT Security: The Needs Continue to Grow

The need for IT security and information security is in the news often these days. Anonymous, the group gaining a reputation for hacking government and banking sites is showing the critical need for a new and stronger form of security. The Federal Government and Department of Homeland Security (DHS) are actively involved in creating the level of security needed in the future.

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DHS remains committed to building and sustaining a world-class cybersecurity team by hiring and retaining a diverse workforce with experience in information technology, computer science, network and computer engineering, information assurance, and program management through the Cybersecurity Workforce Initiative.

In addition, through the National Initiative for Cybersecurity Education DHS works with universities to attract top talent through competitive scholarship, fellowship, and internship programs.

When you see and hear about the changes that are in the works, it makes sense to look at a Security Career, so you can become a part of this important growing field. Bill Cull, the VP of Public Sector of Splunk, wrote an article for the Government Security News (GSN), Three ways government security will change in 2013 and beyond.

This year, agencies will move away from storing data in structured back-end databases with a traditional SIEM and move toward next generation technologies that store raw data sets from multiple sources and allow users to ask questions of that data.

Start your preparation to become a part of this growing field. There are more training opportunities out there. They can be found at both the large and smaller learning institutions. Homeland Security connects to cyber security in many programs if you are attracted to that career path.

Prepare; get all the skills you need to enter this great field. Consider certifications to compliment your hands-on experience, so you will have the better chance at a top job. Check out our Career and Placement Services. Review How We Work With Candidates to get them into top positions with employers. Look over our Career Tips. Do not forget to visit the Resources page. There you will find a wealth of information.

When you are ready, let us be your IT security recruiter/Information security recruiter. If you work with us, you will be working with security recruiting experts!

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