Isn’t "Mature and Overqualified" exactly the candidate you really should hire?

I know many candidates hear these words when being told why an employer ruled them out as new hire. However, I believe these might be the exact candidates business may want to hire as they emerge from the recession.

During the downturn, companies slashed headcounts deeply, cutting long-time performers, highly talented individuals with little regard to the impact it would have on the organization other than reducing payroll. Firms hit the panic button to stabilize losses and preserve cash flow and we all know the result of the staggering layoffs.

As we emerge from the dark days, companies have a new set of challenges in the current job market. Gone are the old reliable sign-on bonuses and high salaries to attract top performers. With a few more fish in the talent pool, some organizations will give in to the temptation to cast aside that “overqualified” resume thinking the candidate doesn’t have anything to offer or isn’t affordable with today’s shrunken pay structure and possible lack of perks. Instead of thinking you can’t afford to hire them, ask yourself, can you afford not to?

Organizations that are smart will be positioning themselves now for the recovery and growth that are underway. These firms are uniquely positioned to get a jump start on acquiring the best talent available. It’s truly a unique opportunity that will likely not present itself again for a very long time.

So, before you discard a candidate as being “to mature” or “over qualified,” consider this:
1) They are very well networked – a great benefit for your company and your bottom line.
2) They have been there and done that. They bring experience to your team. It’s invaluable to have staff members who know what works and what doesn’t. Increased efficiency = increased profit.
3) These individuals are mature, stable and often have a proven track record of results. They hustle and produce results quickly.
4) They take pride in their performance. It’s likely they will increase the level of competition within your team (that’s never a bad thing).
5) They aren’t likely to demand more compensation than the market will bear right now. They are fine with fair pay based upon performance. They make money if you do. Plus, they will likely require less training.

So, before you pass over that resume, make certain you have considered all the alternatives. Investing in mature and highly experienced candidates will result in increased productivity, as well as quicker growth for your organization.

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Thank you,
David Lammert

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