Is your organization’s culture helping or hurting you in attracting top security professionals? What security professionals are looking for today.

Recently, a global security executive engaged me to assist him in hiring security directors and security managers to fill his new team asked me what I thought the key to attracting top talent in the security industry was. He asked “if it was all about the money?”

I shared with the executive that recent studies (according to a recent study by Randstad: To attract top talent, work atmosphere is key) had shown that a good working environment is the most important factor that candidates consider.  I echoed this by sharing that in my personal experience as a security recruiter I would strongly support those findings.

Amazingly, 60 percent of the 7,000 surveyed agreed.  High salary (56 percent), job security (53 percent) and good work-life balance (48 percent) also top the list as the most important factors for workers when seeking an employer.

In my daily interaction with security professionals, they almost always indicate that they want to be a part of an organization that can benefit them on both a personal and professional level.  Yes, salary is important, but most security managers I speak with do not want to achieve financial success at the expense of their personal happiness.

It is for this reason that organizations and security departments need to put added emphasis on ensuring that their teams have a pleasant and positive work environment, as well as offering their employees an opportunity to achieve work-life balance through benefits and formal and informal programs.  Employees want to be offered support for professional development, desire flexible hours, and look for team-building activities and employee recognition programs.

Even in today’s employment market, organizations face harsh competition in attracting qualified, talented security leaders. If companies want to be a magnet for top level talent they must make sure their culture is an attribute and make sure to use it to attract talented people.

Security executives and leaders who take the time to learn what’s important to their team members are in the ideal position to help bring employee and organizational goals together. This alignment will result in greater contributions and career satisfaction, leading to improved employee engagement — all of which ultimately impacts the organization in a positive way.

The security function of any organization needs talented, creative people to succeed.  More than ever, organizations and their security professionals need the right culture, mission and support to attract and retain the highest quality employees.

Do you agree?

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