Is Your LinkedIn Profile Recruiter Friendly?

While a lot of attention is focused on Facebook’s daily doings, the true heavy hitter in the career world is .

Why is  important in job search and job retention for security professionals?

Unlike Facebook, LinkedIn is not about what you did last weekend, or what your friends did last weekend, or how everyone feels about whatever you last posted or “liked”.

is about your career, your skills, and your professional pride in your career. How you manage your LinkedIn profile can make the difference between career advancement opportunities or career stagnation.

Here are some tips on getting a great  profile going:

  • A good head-shot is a must-have. For many of your connections, it may be the only visual that they will have of you. It sets the tone for the type of person that you are and the type of employee that you will be. It’s the only photo allowed on your profile page, so make it count AND, make it professional.
  • Your title should reflect specifically on what you do and / or what you aspire to do. For example, ” Global Security Professional”, “CISO”, “Information Security Manager”.
  • Make sure that your previous job descriptions and employment history are descriptive and detailed. If you are trying to move in a certain direction in your career, emphasize the relevant job skills and experience from your past employment history that make you a perfect fit for your next career move.
  • Fill out your profile completely. Nothing says “dead end” more effectively than an abandoned profile with no photo or an old photo and very little or no profile information.
  • Give and get endorsements and recommendations. Potential employers like to see what other people have said about you and your work.  makes it easy to accumulate referrals and to display them to your connections. In order to maintain credibility of the site I suggest giving out endorsements only to those people with whom you have first-hand knowledge.
  • Accept  invitations from new connections and send out your own  invitations (please personalize your invitations and don’t just use LinkedIn’s cookie-cutter invite) to people whom you know.  is about building a strong networking base.

 is free, it’s easy to edit and update, and it’s search engine friendly – so you can be easily found. Plus it’s always online – your resume and letters of recommendation will never get “lost in the mail” again!

Having a professional-looking  profile is a sign of a person who is serious about their career and about being on top of what today’s professional world requires and expects from employees.

If we haven’t already, I look forward to connecting with you on !

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