Interview Tips To Prepare For An Executive Interview


Whether you are looking for a career change, have been contacted by a security management recruiter or are just considering a possible job change, the job interview is one of those occasions that must be perfect.  According to Forbes, the top executive recruiters and hiring managers feel there are basically only three true job interview questions they are seeking to answer:

  • Can you do the job?
  •  Will you love the job?
  • Can we tolerate working with you?

With the level of competition in the job market there is absolutely no room for anything less than making the best impression and here are some interview tips to prepare for an executive interview:

  • Resume – In order to gain an edge over other candidates for the position, your resume must be professionally designed to ensure that it does not contain too much (I see this one often) content, yet properly highlights your experience and accomplishments.  It is critical that your resume stand out from the rest. Most recruiters and hiring managers will scan your resume for about 10 seconds before determining your potential fit for the position. This makes the format and content critically important.
  • Company research – A SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats) analysis of your prospective employer might be appropriate.  Having a good grasp of the company can make a favorable impression on your interviewer. Regardless of your qualifications, if you show up to the interview with having basic knowledge of the company you are doomed.
  • Prepare for the tough questions – You must be able to successfully answer the three important questions referenced above.  Many times the interview will begin with a simple question/statement like – “Tell me a little about yourself”.  The interviewer will already know a lot about you, so this question is not about gaining information, but how well you present yourself.  It is a good idea to be proactive and write a few lines about yourself before the interview to prevent any possible lapses in memory. You should have your basic “elevator pitch” of 60-90 seconds down pat.  You may also be asked about your strengths and weaknesses.  Remember, you are not Superman, so limit the use of the words “I”, “Me” or “My”.  It is a good idea to practice the interview either in front of a mirror or with a trusted friend who will give you some honest feedback.  Your ultimate goal is to sound knowledgeable and confident, not rehearsed.  You are not taking a quiz, so it’s perfectly acceptable to think for a moment to formulate an answer.

The purpose of your interview is to demonstrate how your knowledge and abilities can best solve the organization’s problem.  The interviewer must understand your strengths in the areas that are important to the company and you must convey the idea that you are motivated by the challenges of the position.

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