Improve Your Security Management Recruiting Through Contingency Searches

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Whether you fall into the category of being a corporate human resources leader or a hiring manager for a small to medium sized organization, finding security management professionals via contingency searches can offer your organization a real competitive edge. There is lot more to picking from a pool of potentially vetted candidates than merely taking names and contact information. What else does it take to have a list of candidates ready even before positions open up?

  • Target your sourcing for future openings. Avoid passivity. It sends you scrambling when a position opens unexpectedly and puts you into the unenviable position of having to fill an opening quickly. Often, this leads to a hiring decision you live to regret. When you work top security search firms who offer contingency searches, this can help cultivate your candidate pipeline with future openings in mind. You are then, a step ahead and have a pool of high-quality security management candidates from which you can choose as soon as the position opens up.
  • Observe the talent on social media. If  LinkedIn is a talent pool for these professionals, getting information on competing companies that hire these candidates is a way of finding out what makes your potential future workers worth pursuing. Therefore, it pays to partner with security recruiting experts who conducts social media-based recruiting in addition to traditional recruiting efforts. It is also important to know what the competition is offering the top-notch talent in your security niche if a contingency search is to yield good results.
  • Scrub the applicant tracking system and go with job board coverage. You have sourced and you have observed. However, have you cross-referenced? When a particularly interesting future candidate moves up in the ranks of the competition or in your industry, do you know about it? You can bet quality recruiters in your industry do. Unless you engage in complete job board coverage and cross-reference names, positions and upward (and downward) movement in the industry, you will never know when a candidate is ripe for the plucking. Do not let the big one get away when you can still afford to make a hiring offer! The best executive search firms in security can actually help you save money by assisting you to hire and retain superstars while they are still affordable.

Embrace contingency searches. Talent finding and relationship building are gradual processes that call for fulltime cultivation. If you do not have time on your hand for this endeavor, Pinnacle Placements makes it happen. Contact us for more information on the types of workforce solutions we can offer you.


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