Improve Your Interpersonal Communication Skills with These 9 Tips

1) Nothing makes someone feel as at ease as a smile. When engaging with others be sure you smile when it is appropriate.

2) The eyes have it. Show others you are present by maintaining eye contact…this doesn’t mean stare. Make sure those you are interacting with know they are your primary focus, but, feel free to glance around during the conversation.

3) Take the initiative…say hello and extend a handshake.

4) Refrain from critical comments about others or to complain excessively. It’s a real turn-off.

5) Being a good listener will take you far. Nothing will cause someone to disengage with you quicker than for them to notice you are not listening to them.

6) Never interrupt! When you interrupt others you send a message that they are not important.

7) Resist the temptation to correct others. Unless the subject matter is of major importance let it go. You may win the battle, but, will lose the war.

8) Words have consequences! Thinking before we speak (or text or Tweet) has never been more important than in today’s world. Is what you are about to say appropriate? Your words determine your destiny and establish the world surrounding you today. Believing you can say what you want to and apologizing for it for it later is fools gold.

9) Take your interpersonal communication skills to the next level by talking about what is important to the other person. Not only will you learn something, you will likely create a friend.

Make a concerted effort to implement a few of these tips at a time. You will see a noticeable difference in the way people interact with you.


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