Implementing a Security Career Management Strategy

Do You Have a Security Career Management Strategy?

Careers in security management are unstable in today’s society. The days of a twenty-five-year career with one employer and a gold watch at your retirement party no longer exist.

Your security career management strategy is like having a 401(k) account – it is best to get started early, but it is never too late. To have a successful career, focus on these three key areas that can adapt to the changing landscape.

1. Build and maintain a professional network

According to a past blog, establishing relationships with your boss, influential coworkers, and direct reports is key to maintaining a secure career. While this is true, expanding your network past your own company and building personal relationships with people in other lines of work is also beneficial when planning potential career changes. Make sure to have people on your side today that can act as a stepping stone for you tomorrow.

2. Establish and develop your personal brand

Setting yourself apart from other candidates is a crucial component to any security management strategy. Strive to be the person the potential employer cannot get out of his or her mind at the end of the day. To develop your brand, you must first be honest with yourself. Make a list of your strengths, your weaknesses (with a plan to improve those weaknesses included), and your skills to remain transparent with your employers. Develop your own unique style that no one else can offer but you.

3. Have a targeted destination job

It is the interview question that stands the test of time – “Where do you see yourself in ten years?” Answer this question for yourself multiple times a year in order to remain mentally driven and confident during interviews and day-to-day life on the job.

Devoting regular time and effort to these three tips will keep your security career strategy on target.

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