Identifying Remarkable Performers

Remarkable performers possess many intangible qualities. They have that special “it” factor.  They are the “go to” men and women who can fill in for almost any role and under any circumstance.  They are the people who leave a situation better than what they found it. They increase the effectiveness of the team surrounding them. They adapt and change quickly as is prudent. They reflect on their early learning experiences in life, such as college, as the times when learning was slow paced. They outperform and outsmart their security industry peers on a consistent basis.

And: they are hard to identify unless you have seen or been around many of them.

If you wish to hire “remarkable performers” look for these traits which are universal among them:

  • They place premium value on their time
  • They excel as problem solvers
  • They build proven records of achievement
  • They possess high levels of both endurance and energy
  • Their perception of risk differs from those around them
  • They are quick studies in their peer group and can move with ease between disciplines
  • They cannot be easily stereotyped

If you are lucky enough to have one on your team already, hang on to them!

David Lammert


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